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  1. concierge@rangersstore.co.uk Emailed on this mate.
  2. 2 hours after emailing and threatening to do a charge back they refunded me. I preordered the kit for £60 and £5 shipping, they sent a damaged shirt. They directed me to a returns page that cost £3.50 to return the shirt. They finally refund £60. All in all it has cost me £8.50 for the inconvenience. Castore and their kits can fuck right off.
  3. I returned a damaged home shirt 3 weeks ago. Contacted them to chase up my refund, they asked for my tracking number which I provided in the original email. Gave them it again and still no response after 4 days. I'm just going to initiate a chargeback on my credit card and will be very hesitant about buying any of their stuff again.
  4. https://www.heraldscotland.com/sport/18687846.clive-tyldesley-joining-Rangers-wouldnt-say-no-celtic-becoming-part-scottish-football-scene/ He has just retweeted this article. Not going to lie, this has made me think a lot less of him. He's not a Rangers fan and I don't need him to fall in love with us or fawn over us but I would quite like him to be loyal and not try and whore himself out to our most hated rivals.
  5. Football is a business but its still football. Doubling your money on a player over 1 season is outstanding, but getting a cracking season out of the player, him winning the leauge and then doubling the money is the way to do it, not selling at the first opportunity.
  6. RIP Tam. Horrible news.
  7. Mark my words. If were 7 clear by Christmas Lennon will have the cunts licking doorknobs.
  8. The thing is though an energetic interested Morelos probably could. He is just so far off the pace at the minute its embarrassing.
  9. I love Alfie and was gutted he was leaving but he is playing like he's working his notice, and I'm getting less upset with every passing game.
  10. At this rate Aribo is our prized asset. No one is watching Morelos right now thinking he is worth any serious money.
  11. Has no cunt told Morelos its a new season? He's still playing like post new year Alfie.
  12. This. For the first 10 minutes we didn't give them a sniff. They changed their set up and stifling us and we are all over the place.
  13. That was class. We are still the kings of Lyon. The young guys looked good. Brilliant to have Rangers back.
  14. Have you pinched the line under the tap? I did this once. Was loud, poured very slow but hardly any foam.
  15. Genk have removed the story from their site.
  16. You do when the wee prick has downed tools. Hes missed more than hes played through his own doing since the turn of the year and the games he has played in he hasn't gave a fuck.
  17. Fuck every single imposter on the park today and fuck the arsehole who yet again made himself unavailable for selection.
  18. I'm actually fucking sick of the amount of matches Morelos misses due to his discipline/petulance. This is just another on the list. Hes by far the best striker that's played for us in years but I wont be too disappointed when we sell him.
  19. Gerrard has just said disciplinary issue. He failed to report back for training having been given leave to return to Columbia.
  20. Morelos has downed tools. Looks like he canny be arsed.
  21. If he can do it on our pitch in its curren state Hamilton's pitch should be a doddle.
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