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  1. I am amazed I have to defend myself on here. I have been a Rangers fan watching Rangers matches home and away too since 1990 aged 16. My first game was Gers V Hearts at Ibrox. I am grateful to RFCRobertson for changing the Wikipedia page as I wasn't sure how to do it. For those that posted stupid comments, check some of my previous posts. I am not a recent member of this site, I joined 9 years ago.
  2. Was just reading articles about Ian Durrant after the game v sheep botherers today and saw the below. Scumbags sheep fans. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ian_Durrant In October 1988 Durrant will be remembered for diving in a match against Aberdeen at Pittodrie. A challenge by Aberdeen's Neil Simpson left him out of competitive football for almost three years.
  3. Anyone know if Rossiter is injured at the moment. He hasn't been in a match day squad since the Killie game. If he is not injured, it seems harsh him not getting a game as he was very effective in the games I have seen.
  4. Would would be everyone's 1st choice centre half pairing? Don't know how to set up a vote thingy. I personally would have Senderos and Hill. Hill is better at sitting in and reading the game like Sir Davie did and Senderos attacks the ball like Amo used to. Kiernan I think has been found out at this next level up and Wilson at times makes me very nervous. Whats your choice?
  5. Some well taken goals. All gone quiet with regards to his contract. Really hope he stays for 4 or 5 years.
  6. Have seen several mentions of AH shouting encouragement to the rest of the team when they were in the tunnel before they came out last night. Lots have said great to said its great to see such passion. I wholeheartedly agree, I think he could be a great shout for a future captain. Has anyone got any clips "youtube" etc, of it. I didn't get to watch last night as I was working.
  7. Does this game go to a replay or extra time and penalties?
  8. Difficult balancing act between blooding our own players and getting good quality players from EPL teams.
  9. Don't think it will be as easy as some think tbh. Hope I'm wrong and Gers walk it. Love to see Thompson get 30 mins. Looks a great prospect.
  10. In January if / when we sign a defensive midfield, Andy Halliday who has been superb, will replace Zalelem. AH is wasted as a DM with his range of passing. I think we also need a quick centre back as Kiernan and Wilson have been caught out with their lack of pace. Maybe a new winger too? Fod Tav Ball New CB Wallace New DM Holt Halliday McKay Waggy New Winger
  11. Will be interesting to see the team formation in January if / when we sign a defensive midfield. Andy Halliday who has been superb, will replace who out of Zalelem or Jason Holt? AH is wasted as a DM with his range of passing.
  12. Hopefully Gers superior fitness will start to tell now.
  13. Keep the updates coming in lads. Stuck at work and canny watch the game.
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