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  1. Across the world the fan base is pretty massive. Way beyond many EPL clubs dreams. Pity we can't convert that into player funds and more revenue.
  2. Theres pics of him with Kent coming up on the web and before in training.
  3. The boy looks out of shape. A striker cannot be carrying excess weight.
  4. Points to be dropped by every team in the next few months. At this stage a win is a win and we move on.
  5. Don't think that lad would ever sign for them to be fair.
  6. If you want rid of Mason then Labour is how you vote. That’s how these clowns keep winning. Division and delusion. Seriously.
  7. I can see the gaffer keeping him away from the games against hammer throwers. Same as Jones. We have players for those games where we need to break down a defensive side and we have players for open attacking football.
  8. This is great but lets take a moment to spare a thought for poor wee Aberdeen, not.
  9. Killie can vanish off to the next lower division once again. Bye!
  10. Don't want anyone to think I want McInnes' Aberdeen side to get pumped out of Europe so soon but............
  11. Thats a shame, was hoping to see Aberdeen crash out of Europe once again, its like Halloween and all those other traditions, you know, autumn leaves turning, the first robin in the garden, nights are fair drawing in, Aberdeen will have been dumped out of Europe again. Nevermind.
  12. Still not good enough. Struggling some weeks to beat teams at the bottom end of the table: losses to Aberdeen, who are pretty average, and put out of every competition, including the league, before April. Need one or two players who would be the 'difference' in these games, the kind of players who grind out the results ugly as well as with skill and style. Beating celtic once isn't progress.
  13. Not one single competition won. Losing games and drawing to teams we should never have lost or drawn against. Dropping points needlessly when the league was there for the taking. And 10 points behind the leaders going into an Old Firm game. That is not any kind of acceptable "progress" in any one's understanding of Rangers. Maybe good enough for some teams like hearts or hibs or aberdeen. Not good enough for us and what we should demand. Aye but we had a run in Europe and beat them... !
  14. These "men" don't want to have to face celtic in the next round. They've had chance after chance to show themselves this season and every time, every time, they let us and their manager down. Sickening.
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