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  1. Yes, it was always about making Elite Clubs richer, and it succeeded. Otherwise it is eating football, destroying the beautiful game.
  2. Aye I think it was 1970. After the '75 game my choice would be Colin's home debut in '69, when he scored a hat trick in a 6-1 victory.
  3. The thing is, even without format changes, it would be more or less difficult season by season, depending who qualified. Even then, the draw could help or hinder anybody. Remember the Rangers team who knocked out excellent Juventus and PSV sides, and kindly left the way open for a fecking Forest v Malmo final? Fkn Malmo!
  4. You should write to The Sun and suggest they publish that
  5. Apparently 200 schoolgirls have been spotted placing bets at remote rural bookies in Nigeria.
  6. If two athletes run a race in the exact same time, they are joint first, not joint second. The same principle applies.
  7. It's true, they very often are friends with people who hate us. We hate them too, we are comfortable with that. So it just doesn't sit well with us that the players don't hate each other. It's like when they claim to be Rangers fans, some are, some like Rangers, some just talk shite. But they don't get three flights in a day, doss down in a Railway Station, walk for miles, lose jobs just to get to a game. They may be fans. But they aren't fans like we are.
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