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  1. I watched I Claudius recently and imo it has not aged well.
  2. The Godfather The Godfather 2 In Bruges Harvey Pulp Fiction Forrest Gump Casablanca The Matrix Gladiator Hable con Ella (talk to her) Black Swan My Fair Lady Groundhog Day The return of Martin Guerre Jaws Life of Brian Fargo The Deer Hunter Platoon The Big Lebowski Downfall Raging Bull Oldboy Apocalypse Now It's a Wonderful Life
  3. Agreed. I also insist that Godfather III was only a poor film when compared to the first two. But so are most movies by that standard.
  4. Don't worry, it was a poor attempt at humour. Back in the day Princess Anne married a Captain Phillips (Zara's Dad).
  5. Just watched Captain Philips. Can't believe they didn't feature the Royal wedding at all.
  6. Brilliant. As the Thai tims put it: Po mcbwide wan oot o luck Jus like shellick in ra cup But Po's spirit wives o an o No wike Neely's tweble -gone
  7. She WILL end up with me once I sort out the time travel.
  8. Watched Casablanca again yesterday, what a movie! Ingrid Bergman is stunning in it, she was never more beautiful. Sorry, can't post pics.
  9. Funnily enough I watched the first one last night. Was pleasantly surprised, thought it was excellent.
  10. Hable con ella, Volver, Carne Tremula. I haven't seen 'I'm so excited', but it sounds fun. Enjoy
  11. Aye, I like a lot of foreign movies, thanks for the tip. Pedro Almodovar is one of my favourite directors.
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