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  1. I could never watch it again, i've never cried at football until this game. When we went down 2-0 and it hit me I will probably never see Rangers in a european final again in my lifetime again my eyes filled with tears. As much as Manchester was amazing, i've never felt so high and then low as a Rangers supporter as I did that day.
  2. Aye , Maxwell was shocking. We're usually quite lucky with goalkeepers. Maxwell was absolutely woeful though.
  3. Mark Brown Jesper Christiansen Couldn't find any decent pictures of Andy Dibble and Thomas Mhyre. Ian Ferguson also played in goals once for Rangers, no photos though.
  4. Ronald Wattereus Lionel Letizi Ally Maxwell
  5. Was just going to post something similar, as much as I think Walter is one of the best football managers around - I don't agree with footballers, entertainers etc being knighted. In times of old a knighthood really meant something, it's being cheapened more and more every year nowadays.
  6. Kerkar is actually ambidextrous , he is simply put - the complete player. The reason we can't play him is that due to his sublime ability Rangers wrote into his contract that he would be given an appearance fee of 100k for each game he starts. Rangers knew they could never afford this , but wanted to sign him anyway as his influence on the training ground would definitely impact on the rest of the team.
  7. Happy Birthday Gazza, hope he's enjoying a few soft drinks with his family today. He's not been in the papers in a while, which when it comes to Gazza is a good thing. Would love to see him get himself sorted out. Will never forget that 3-1 Aberdeen game . went out to the pitches after it and played football with folk from my street. About 15 kids all pretending to be Gazza. Brilliant.
  8. Felt like greeting when it showed you the abandoned caravan in a state of disrepair.
  9. Would be good if they done another one starting with the youths we have just now and go back in another ten years. Murray Park was barely open back then so the results were never going to be great so quickly. Really impressed with all the guys attitudes that didn't make it, Reidford especially.
  10. How are Birmingham 18th and Blackpool 19th with a lower amount than West ham at 20th?
  11. Not really a fan of Liverpool but their fans come up with some absolute cracking humorous songs. Would like to see more of that at Ibrox.
  12. Davie Weir or Boyd. Boumsong was a great piece of business.
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