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  1. I see the usual suspects jump in to ruin a VB thread yet again. Predictable and quite frankly fucking boring. Great work by VB, the scum will be spewing.
  2. I've not been on here in a while but I've thought he was a bit... suspicious, shall we say, for a while.
  3. Make sure to edit any pictures which contain the guys faces holding the banner lads. Great banner though, well done VB.
  4. VB spot on again. Brown could have done more damage than any bheast could dream of.
  5. A Rangers man wouldn't have done what he did. Ironic really then that you call the people who stood by the club, the real Rangers men, idiots.
  6. Or do us all a favour and ban him and his bheast mate?
  7. A shocking decision. The lads in BF1 have been the best thing to happen at Ibrox for years. Every single fan should be rallying round to support the UB and TBO and hopefully Charles Green overrules this decision, especially considering how supportive he and McCoist have been of the groups. No Surrender.
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