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  1. Announcement will be made to Stock Ex tomorrow that SDM has sold approx. 51% of his shareholding to UAE based consortium fronted by Ellis in return for a personal payment of 3mil. The club will have it's debt of approx. 23mil paid off and around 7mil made available to WS. Yes, another rumour, but I've managed not to get involved in the nonsense being spouted on here. This info came from a sound, professional source, senior in one of the financial institutions with a vested interest.
  2. Anyone remember the 10-0 -v- Valetta? Remember midway through the 2nd half we started booing every time Rangers got the ball. If I remember right was during a lean spell for us.
  3. A great night! Think Rummenigge was playing for Inter. But we had Davie Mitchell and John Mclelland (strangely in a striker role).
  4. I remember that night! Had to walk home to Bearsden as it had rained so heavy the U was shut. Took forever...in the p1ssing rain!
  5. Thanks for the memory! The most incredible comeback and defensive performance I can remember. Roberts was hardly even put under pressure in the 2nd half. Hard to believe it was 23 years ago though!
  6. But it doesn't even scratch the surface of Portsmouth's problems. Not to mention the apparent £150mil per year wage bill they currently have!
  7. How do you figure that out? Which team is guaranteed Champions League football, puts 50,000 bums on seats every other Saturday and will be playing in their relevant countries top division for the forseeable future.
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