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  1. I think RM members should be taking up a couple of hundred of these places. It is an amazing opportunity to get your name on the tunnel at Ibrox forever and help the RFF.
  2. Face value of £23 per ticket. My mate could meet you up there..
  3. I'll be online for about an hour if anyone is interested in purchasing it.
  4. Scott actually goes out to Malawi to see how his projects are coming along. I can assure you that every penny raised gets spent properly. Good luck mate. Gary is correct as every penny we raise goes directly to our projects in Malawi. Our media love to try and spin a story about Malawi and the money there government spend etc but the Malawian government (of only 4 years) is doing a fantastic job and with this combined with the charity work being done in Malawi is making a tremendous difference to there country.
  5. I can pick them up from you if u want mate, thx.
  6. Yeah folks I am going back out to Malawi for 3 weeks on the 24th June. I will be representing our charity Moni Malawi and I will be visiting the nursary and the feeding stations we are supporting. I will also be making the final plans for building the school as well as start a feeding program for over 400 children in our village of Kambudzi. To raise additional funds me and some of my mates are doing a 10k in Glasgow on Sunday. I know can you believe I am dragging this unfit ass of mine for 10k around Glasgow. If you like you can sponsor me at the following link http://www.justgiving.com/scott
  7. Contacts, don't insult me here about other sites/posters or insinuating I may be a part of it. I couldn't give a flying fuck about all that business. I think you know that. Why go on to argue about a situation that never happened ? We never had a fire sale therefore he's a hero ? So on the one hand you rubbish others claims but credit your mate for not following that path ? You tell me what he has done to now grace the title 'saviour' Give me one good reason. Just one. Where do I insinuate you were part of it? Why do you think there was no fire sale when we all thought there would be one? May
  8. The annual reports at the end of the year told us that it had been agreed with Lloyds that we would be repaying our outstanding debt at £1 million per year. I'm not sure if you are trying to be subtle in your twisting of what was said or whether you just don't understand. The contracts may have been 'shite' in the opinion of the guys who have not signed them. The club, i.e. Walter Smith felt that this is what the players were worth per week. There was some negotiation as would be expected. Also, Walter has a budget of £5 million - which he agreed and signed his new deal based on - had he w
  9. If you believed some our club only had 40 days before we went bust, would be run like a club the size of St.Mirren, all our players were up for sale and we would be playing a youth team in the SPL. Do you think we would have won the league if we had sold 5 players during the Jan transfer window as was reported? When Muir came in we were losing money every month. Due to his track record the bank were happy to deal with him. Credibility I think it is called. He joined our club in October and since then has done a deal with the bank, got us breaking even and therefore safe from financial difficu
  10. Thanks folks for all the nice comments. I'm still amazed the original article got just as much criticism as it received but I suppose it did not fit with some people's agenda. The day Rangers Media ever becomes a fans forum that controls what the fans discuss and does not allow decent debate would be the last day I logged on to this site. Thankfully Rangers Media has a policy to encourage debate.
  11. hahahahaha I'll let the people decide who they beleave on that one lol
  12. Great debate lads - i love this stuff - loads of different opinions. AJ should have moved to Scotland for a few months as if you had to beleave what everyone was saying we were almost in administration and were a club on its knees. Yeah Martin Bain is the CEO but the Chairman is the public face of the club and if he is at his desk every morning encouraging people and doing deals then the club would be better for it. AJ was a SDM man and now it appears he is not - what changed? Why is he not in the loop? Does SDM now not trust him? I have no idea of the answers but I would love to know. There i
  13. What a poor appointment this man has been for our club. Not only is he based in the US but every time he opens his trap he seems to spout pish. When he was given the job as Chairman of our great club he should have moved to Scotland for the time he has that role. No way can you be Chairman of Rangers FC even in good times from across the water never mind when the world is against us. He has not offered us any direction, leadership or guidance during his time in charge and everytime he speaks he causes more and more confusion. His latest rant is aimed at the only guy that would appear to be ser
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