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  1. It shows how his career started but also how he supports his local community. I knew he did charity work back home but not really the extent of it.
  2. 'If they knew' ? Fuck off Pat.
  3. Eh... I wouldn't call it an FPS, it's not a shooter like Call of Duty, Doom,... It's gonna be a lot more RPG/action-adventure that just happens to have first person view. I for one can't wait, it looks fantastic. Also found out yesterday Ghost of Tsushima is already coming out in July. I thought it would be months away.
  4. Gerrard's a fan and it's his own page ffs :D Also there's tons of posts about Rangers or where his kids are kitted out in Rangers gear. Anyone doubting his commitment to the club needs their head checked.
  5. I will never understand why someone would get defensive to such an extreme that you would attack victims of abuse just because they say your club did it. If this happened at Rangers I would be mortified about it and ashamed. But I wouldn't go on twitter, make a profile named after a victim and then post nonsense like that.
  6. Nothing different from when they have fans at the games then. Spurs fans only seem to know one song.
  7. Lol, they are an American football team The richest and biggest one as well.
  8. It's Green going on about proof documents (still not produced by him) that the Cowboys were in talks with us. And the Cowboys have already denied it once, in November if I recall.
  9. The Cowboys are a massive club who could teach a lot of European clubs about pretty much every aspect of running a club properly. Also, exposure in the US
  10. FF is taking is pretty well, but I'm afraid the thread is drowning in all the anti-Green stuff
  11. Good stuff to read, but when I see that interview on STV I still worry, that was a joke of an interview with Green trying to avoid answering simple questions.
  12. Wouldn't surprise me if it's a confidential email from Regan, trying to force SFL clubs or threatening people.
  13. How about his proposal for a voluntary transfer ban ?
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