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  1. This one always makes me smile! Nice GOAL Caldwell ya plank!!! Aalborg who???
  2. The link worked, what it told me to do didn't. Troubleshooting also did not work. Guess I'll try the clean boot....seems sorta complicated tho.. Thanks
  3. tried the link....didn't work. What's a "clean boot"
  4. Thanks mate, but tried them all TWICE, and nothing worked...then spent 2 hours on remote help with Dell and they couldn't fix the problem either??? So frustrating....even the "experts" cannot help FUCKING WINDOWS!!! if anyone thinks of anything, please let me know Cheers
  5. today was bad...but we certainly ain't out of it! United will beat Valencia, and we will beat Bursaspor and I smell another draw (or maybe a sneaky win) at Ibrox vs United...and that means Final 16 for the Gers!! Keep the Faith!!! WATP!!!
  6. Just got the computer on Friday, and Windows Media Player 12 won't work! I have done nothing to cause this, but it won't even open??? I'm running Windows 7 Premium 64 bit. When I try to play a song or video I just get this error (see attached screenshot). Can anyone please help me fix this??? Please and thanks
  7. Does anyone know if there are any Windows 7 Rangers Themes/Themepaks available? If not, would someone like to take a crack at it? Cheers!
  8. I went with Panda Security Global Protection 2011 Got it half price and it gets great reviews, and full of all the features I wanted.
  9. I am looking for an All in One suite, Antivirus/spam/malware/popups/internet security
  10. iPhone 3GS pishes on the lot.... iPhone 4 COMPLETELY blows them all away! your ONLY choice is iPhone...nothing comes close...and I've used them all. BB's are the worst...although I have to admit the new Torch model and OS 6 are actually quite good... Up to you mate....research it well before you decide. Took me 3-4 weeks to decide on the iPhone, and i will never go anywhere else now.
  11. Excellent for the price mate! Good choice!
  12. I'm just waiting on the Dell Laptop I won a couple of weeks ago to come in, and I am gonna need an Antivirus/Internet Security suite.... What one's the best overall and why?? I've heard Kaspersky is the best...but I have always used McAfee..... Some say Norton??? Thoughts?
  13. But... that would be... STEALING!!!!
  14. I assume it's something to do with Halloween...but also could be a costume of one of the masters in Shogun movie This guy rocks tho!!
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