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  1. Thought Christian Horner messed up letting Hamilton undercut Verstappen with the pit stop strategy - going to be close this year, but expect Mercedes to make adjustments to the car as we go forward, but get the feeling Honda can't do much more with the Red Bull. Thought yesterday just proved Hamilton is by far and away the most talented driver out there, and without doubt, has the best winning mentality amongst all the top drivers!
  2. That's not the day we won the league, that was this afternoon when Aberdeen announced Broony as player coach!!
  3. I would hope there would be some communication with fans before renewals go live - last season everyone renewed hoping to see games live and have ended up with the same access non season ticket holders got for a tenner. Be nice even to see some acknowledgement of that. Given what has happened, the club need to be clear on what the offer is to fans this year if (god forbid) the same thing was to happen. Obviously not one is kicking up a fuss because the season went well and the club couldn't have foreseen fans being locked out so long - but I don't think you can ask fans to pay for
  4. PREMIERSHIP POST-SPLIT FIXTURE DATES Rd 34 – Weekend of 10/11 April Rd 35 – Midweek of 20/21 April Rd 36 – Weekend of 1/2 May Rd 37 – Midweek of 11/12 May Rd 38 – Weekend of 15/16 May I'm guessing the next OF game will be 1/2 May, can't see it being the last game and I doubt they go for back to back OF matches, though with no crowds maybe it goes to a midweek date, though doubt Sky would let that happen??? Does anyone know if they are out today?
  5. Yup, for the top two seeds, the 19 home and 19 away games always gazumps playing your post split opponents equally at home as away. So, if they use last seasons table for 'seeding', we will go to Easter Road for a third time, as they were outside last seasons top six. I would assume it means for celtic they will go away to Rangers, Aberdeen and Livingston, and home to Hibs and St Johnstone. So they are basically replacing Motherwell at home with a third game with Hibs at home. If the top six matches the previous seasons top six, then you play every top six team home and away the same
  6. So if the seeding is based only on last season then we are home to celtic, Aberdeen and Livi and away to St Johnstone, and for the third time Hibs. (Hibs effectively replace Motherwell, who we should be playing away). As said, my fault for not looking at last seasons table - don't think I ever looked at it once the decision was made to stop the season!! I'll add the caveat that the SPFL might look at multiple seasons - can't see it written how many years they look back at before they make their 'prediction' of who will be top six
  7. I didn't check last season's table - so it will likely be Livi at home and Hibs away again then. My bad, I assumed Hibs finished in the top six. Background is explained here in an interview with Ian Blair, SPFL secretary: This makes some sense. In tight fights, higher percentages of games become “six-pointers.” Thus, the SPL’s 2010 “Guide to the Split” claimed it had reduced “the number of meaningless mid-table clashes” (and in 2012, Blair added that the split also provided “additional interest in the run up to the split itself”). Yes, some clubs could play “18 home games and 20 aw
  8. That couldn't happen - at the start of the season teams are seeded into positions based on the previous season. We will always play the top seeded teams twice at home and twice away. So unless Hibs or Aberdeen finished outside the top six the previous year, and were therefore not seeded as top six, we will always play them twice at home and twice away, same as celtic. The disparity, where you play teams three times home or away, arrives when teams who were seeded outside the top six based on last season, make it to the top six at the split - which is why we will ago to Livi for a third ti
  9. We're home to them, Aberdeen and Hibs, away to Livi and St Johnstone. It's based on seedings from last season, it's not just a random pick of who we play away for the third time.
  10. It's an OK statement but I think they should have included the comment said to Kamara - the problem with these statements is the desire to appear balanced and moderate. We should be saying that a black player on the team was approached by Slavia layer Ondrej Kudela and called a 'fucking monkey', and that this has been witnessed by other players on the field. That would be standing by the player and be the cause for a formal investigation by UEFA Racists get away with this shit because they depend on those abused to not act in the same direct and aggressive way - which is why they ten
  11. Would take a league restructure where teams only played each other home and away once - SPL teams had that option to restructure when we had our problems and went for straight greed instead of restructuring to make the league more competitive. Currently any team outside the OF, realistically have to win a minimum of six games against us and them to have any chance to compete. We can realistically win the league by winning a couple of OF games. When it went to four games against each of the top six a season, out was always going to end up a duopoly unless the right manager hit on a whole
  12. I absolutely agree, Clarke definitely sets up not to lose - if he gets the odd win, then it can lead to qualification (which he's done with the Euro's). I think it's where Scotland are at the moment, given they lack any credible option up front and we're much the same way in central defence. Really not too bothered about players playing out of position at international level, as long as they're not one of our players, especially if it leads to a certain level of success (which I would set the bar at as qualification for tournaments). As for Scotland being shite - I doubt you would ge
  13. There's no come back, he nailed me good and proper!! I'm away down to the border to shout at the English!!
  14. But who would you play instead of McTominay? As much as he's a better midfielder, Clarke has stopped Scotland shipping goals and has made them look a more cohesive unit, and part of that has been the back three and two wingbacks - not dissimilar to the way he set out his team at Kilmarnock. McTominay, after a shaky start, has actually looked pretty good back there - and the experience probably helps his overall game, given he plays the defensive holding role for Man Utd. It's not club football, you can't go out and sign a decent replacement and we have far more serviceable midfielder
  15. McTominay has played in defence the last few games for Scotland - was initially quite ropey but has settled into the role. Would be very surprised to see that change - Clarke tends to be very dogged in his selection and clearly sees this as his best defence. Likely Jack and McGregor just ahead. It'll get results, just won't be very pretty to watch
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