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  1. I know mate, that's why I said I don't know the reason - but he's deffo at it* * apparently out with an ankle injury
  2. Is it Martin Boyle who opted out for Hibs - apparently he has been linked with them this transfer window and good mates with Lennon Sad as a pro football player if that's the reason you're opting out - not that I know that's the reason
  3. Has there been any confirmation if these players out for two or three games??
  4. Bite your hand off for a draw Decent enough midfield but weak central defence and inexperienced strikers should give Hibs the motivation to go at them
  5. If SPFL and the SFA were sensible (I know!!). They would bring a full week of top flight fixtures forward a week and move the Cup to the following weekend - but that would be applying common sense to the situation!!
  6. It's not just the players out - this will be a massive psychological boost for Hibs. Knowing they have 13 out I think Hibs will be going for it big time and will see it as a massive opportunity to turn their form around, same for Livi at the weekend.
  7. Absolutely. Govt intervention has been minimal and, so far, generally even handed. People thinking the authorities are seeking to conjure up ways to help them or hurt us are letting their fears get in the way of reality. I have far more legitimate fears of the SPFL making a c*nt of it than Govt, who I'm assuming have slightly greater issues to deal with than the outcome of the SPFL
  8. Yup, I would say paranoid. I read it that they see celtic as doing something morally wrong and probably on the back of the Bolingoli incident I think their patience is wearing thin. What I can see happening is celtic being told they can't play Hibs within days of return - which would cause them major problems in terms of fixture congestion. Appreciate most on here hate the SNP/Scottish Govt, but almost every decision they've made has been positive towards us so far - not saying that will always be the case, but I'm for giving the benefit of the doubt until proven otherwise
  9. And they didn't even try very hard to hide it
  10. His tweet is from 2016 And he's probably one of the better known kickers in the NFL
  11. If we 'win' January, we win the league - a few really tough fixtures coming up. I'd pin Lemon's post match comments up on the dressing room wall - we have to drive on from this result and don't give them any room to close the gap.
  12. Think there will be a difference second half. They'll start to commit more forward and leave some gaps behind - got to be patient, start to control a bit more possession and then take the one or two chances that fall our way. Horrible to watch so far, but it will turn around!
  13. Played Sunday morning badminton for about ten years and then gradually got back into squash a few years ago, was initially a bit fearful but it's held up really well. I could probably play football again, but at my age now it's really not worth it and with plastic pitches and the fear of someone lumbering into you I made the decision to properly knock it on the head - as Bearsden Bear said above, the rehab is the toughest part and it takes ages, and I've no desire to ever have to go through that again Game it happened was actually on a European night at Ibrox, so I ended up sitting in my
  14. Yeah, and have to say he did a great job, never really had a twinge of pain or any concerns since finishing the rehab, and that must be something like 15 years ago. Sadly on the day I had a quick consult before surgery so didn't get the chance to bend his ear about the players he'd operated on - plus at that point I think I was probably just bricking it pre surgery
  15. Did my ACL on the plastic pitches opposite Ibrox - I felt a pop and then an incredibly sharp pain in the knee that had me lying on the pitch in agony. Of course, being super bright, I then hopped over and went in goals for a bit before realising the knee was completely fucked!! Fortunately I eventually got it surgically repaired, and by the same surgeon that fixed Naismiths knee and Larssons leg (just luck of the draw that I got him). Never played football again but fine for squash and badminton. Arfields didn't look like an ACL - seemed to be around the ankle, so hopefully a strain rathe
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