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  1. They also have the boy Dumfries from the Dutch National team - though he didn't play and wasn't on the bench - so assume he is being given time after the Euro's. Not sure if they had other players in the tournament - so technically a weakened team Edit: Cody Gakpo (PSV Eindhoven), Donyell Malen (PSV Eindhoven), were also at the Euro's, with the former (who was on the bench tonight) seemingly a bit of a prodigy and very highly rated?
  2. Was the player I paid most attention to during the game. From an objective point of view: + He was one of their better players. He has a decent cross ball on him if he's not under pressure, He made a couple of intelligent runs off the ball, one of which could have been impactful but for the lack of talent around him. He was relatively cool with the goal and didn't panic or fluff his lines (which Edouard did when presented with easy chances) - He's very lightweight. Was pushed off the ball easily by very average Danish defenders and I thought shat out a few tackles - on a plastic
  3. It's 5-1 PSV, and Galatasary are looking ten times better than either of the teams from last nights game. So even if they get past the Danes, no way they can compete with this PSV team - and Gala will destroy St Johnstone Though 'Barkasian' goalkeeping at the 5th
  4. Going by the camera angle, as they go to take the free kick Barkas was standing right in the spot where the ball goes in the net - did it go through him or did he jump out the way??? Slightly worried he's shown his hand too soon and is so bad that even Ange realises he can't play again Danes certainly looked average but I think have a couple of players coming back and will surely give it a go over there
  5. Think they are missing a few in defence tonight as they look shaky as fuck - seems to be a team very much in transition. Be interesting to see how they approach the second half - hopefully try to go for it a bit - that Sellick defence is dreadful, so with the kid in there you would hope they would try to take the game to them. The Abada guy has a decent cross on him but was easily knocked off the ball - not sure he is a guy who is going to like the physical nature of the Scottish game
  6. Great that we are starting to have the chance to get back to our seats But wish to fuck they would stop talking about season ticket holders who are not getting in as having 'free' access to Rangers TV - when they're actually paying more than double the price of any punter in the street Happy to take it on the chin if I don't get in and others do, but save me the pish about getting something 'free' as compensation
  7. I tend to agree - I think on the link I posted, Brundle alluded to it being a bit like a professional foul in football. Hamilton was well aware he was pushing what was acceptable, taking it right to the limit, and probably knowing that if he was penalised it would likely be 'a yellow'. Verstappen was no doubt thinking Hamilton had yielded previously, so he was going to be aggressive as he's benefitted where he's done that before. Fascinating to think that all this happens at 200mph on a corner - but I suppose that's why they're the top drivers and what makes the sport worth watching
  8. Not particularly, I just thought it was interesting that away from both teams most people thought it was a racing incident, including Damon Hill - it was suggested that 'all' the drivers felt he was at fault, that simply wasn't true. Happy for you to disagree. Personally I thought they were both at it - probably 60/40 Hamilton, so the ten second penalty seemed appropriate. Complaining about it as an inadequate punishment, as Horner did, seemed to go against the majority of informed opinion.
  9. Just me or is Angie already bristling at some low ball easy questions from the media - he's going to absolutely fucking explode when they hit a rough patch. It's going to be spectacular!!
  10. Who were the ex drivers saying Hamilton was at fault. Quick trawl of the papers this morning seem to suggest most drivers (current and ex) thought it was a racing incident ?? Alonso also said neither driver was at fault. “It was an unfortunate moment of the race, but nothing intentional or nothing that any of the two drivers did wrong, in my opinion. So that was an unlucky moment, I guess.” Charles Leclerc, who was immediately behind the pair when they tangled, described the collision as a “racing incident”. “It is very difficult to judge it from the car, we are very low so it’s di
  11. You're totally correct - this years is the same geometric design as the men's - and it's equally shite
  12. Best of the English kits I've seen and it's (obv) the women's top (the men's is a geometric disaster), but this is really smart!
  13. Interesting speaking to a lad at work today who was at the final - Italian parents, but born and brought up in Yorkshire. Said he had never experienced the type of aggressive behaviour he saw inside and around the ground - people coming up to them before and during the game (they were wearing Italian tops) and telling them to fuck off back to their own country. Said during the whole game there were England fans coming over to them, getting in their faces and most of the comments were aggressively about them not being English and being in England. Police advised them to stay in the groun
  14. Jim White truly is a tw@t Have never liked the guy Jordan much before, but he is absolutely spot on. Support your own country, and worry about how they play, what the rest do shouldn't matter Folk obsessing about other teams in the tournament, other then their own, need watching
  15. Triggered much It's the Daily Retard ffs. I know people with tickets that are struggling to get travel down arranged - trains are booked out because of limited seating. Flight prices are now pretty high. So I doubt many people are trying to pay inflated prices to get down to London to not go to the game. As for Trafalgar Square - it's a fan zone for frontline workers only with no access to non fan zone ticket holders - so there isn't even a central point for people to meet. For those of us, including a fair proportion of Bears, with tickets - it's timed entry, so on match day eve
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