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  1. Wasn't Souness's first signing....Souness?
  2. Closer to even, reckon I would still rather be at home even with away goals rule
  3. Seems really unfair that one team gets a home advantage in a one off match but the away team doesn't get the benefit of the away goal rule to even things out. Given it's random, the home draw is a massive advantage with those rules!!
  4. Their shirts are made by 'Legea' this season, so it looks like they've also changed to some equally dodgy mob that probably get their strips made in a backstreet factory in Turkey and/or China
  5. Looking at the proposed dates for review, there are three Scotland games at Hampden on the 8th, 11th and 13th October Given there are no club loyalties and it's all at the same stadium, and there is an existing points based membership scheme for fans, I wonder if these will be used by Scottish Govt as test events with numbers increasing for each game? Would actually be a better test event than either that are planned this weekend. And for conspiracy theorists it would then lead right up to the game against them at the piggery
  6. He's been making announcements on quarantine lists from the beginning of the lockdown Not a popular opinion on here, but so far Scottish Govt intervention has probably had a far greater negative impact on celtic and Aberdeen than us - but as said, I think this is a bullshit story that the media are trying to promote because it's a slow week for domestic football news. Most certainly pish given the current context of teams travelling across Europe for both domestic and International football.
  7. Would appear to be the National just inventing a story out of nothing - no quotes from Scottish Govt. And in context, the current guidance on the Czech Republic by Scottish Gov is ' if you arrived from this country from 04:00 on 29 August you will need to self-isolate'. The national team are playing in Prague on Monday next week and there is absolutely no suggestion they would have to self isolate on return. So only impact for our game, assuming there were any changes for Gibraltar, would be for fans travelling as they would then have to quarantine So think this can be firmly fi
  8. Do we know tonight if they get a bye, or is that decided tomorrow - be good from our perspective to have them travelling and having a fixture pile up.
  9. Got to be happy with the result, but that second half was tedious. Don't get the point of having Morelos on the bench if you're not prepared to play him when the team is creating chances but lacking finishing. Either you play him to see if his attitude is right or you don't have him in the squad. Kids got a fragile ego and it's really poor man management to have him stew on the bench and then put Arfield and Stewart on instead. Thought Tav was MOTM, Barker was poor, Hagi had touches but doesn't provide enough and Roofe worked as a link up man but not sure he's going to replace the
  10. Half the reason I go to games is chatting to the lads around me - not that fussed if not selected to be in a crowd under 1000
  11. Be delighted if Morelos played and rattled in few goals, partly because it would help us, partly I don't think Roofe and Itten are fully integrated. Plus, if he stays, we would want to see him contribute not sit in the youth team. Those who are in the huff with Buff because Buff is in the huff, are probably just as bad as him. He's a Rangers player, he's a proven goalscorer and the one thing we need at the moment is goals!
  12. Didn't know that much about David Turnbull, so just watched the highlights clip on the BBC Scotland website. Goals are two deflections, goalkeeper making a massive mistake, couple of tap in's and a couple of decent finishes from around the box - but have to say, wasn't all that impressed if that was his highlight reel from the SPFL?? https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/av/football/53938542 Add to that the injury issue, and it's a strange one for a £3M+ transfer in Scotland??
  13. I don't think you can underestimate how much losing Fraser Foster is going to affect them this season!!
  14. Just me, or does BT Sport having 'PAR v BAY', make you want to scream!! It's like some US office temp has done their graphics for them!!
  15. Seem to be in the minority, but excited by the line up!! Lot more speed and width and I think Davis provides far more creativity when it comes to supporting the front line than Kamara - and think he plays well with Jack. Great to see both Roofe and Itten starting. Shame this is the Alfie may go out - but he's made his own bed, so can't feel too sorry for him if that's it. Not got a major problem with Barker, but would like to see Murphy get a bit of time, so hopefully see him on in the second half Think this might be a canter!!
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