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  1. 'From the start of the season we’ve seen a very different Alfredo Morelos. Last season saw the Colombian once again carrying much of the offensive burden, in many cases it was Morelos or bust. A total of 39 goals/assists was a brilliant individual return. This season the numbers may not look quite as impressive: 18 goals/assists from 31 games. It’s still a significant return, but there is far more to Morelos’ game than just numbers and the team success highlights exactly that.' https://fourladshadadream.blog/2021/02/20/the-importance-of-el-bufalo/
  2. I know footballers are thick, but jesus christ...... To do this after Jones and Big George is just insane.
  3. Not at 79 cup final, too young. TBH dont remember the goal or game and only saw it in the late 80s. Fan since 1978 (aged 4), didnt go to first game until 82-83 season. First Euro game was Porto 2-1, 1983. There in 87, 1984 was my first cup final, Ally hattrick. 85 vs Utd, got soaked to the skin. Durrant's was a beauty. Ferguson's in 85 was a sweet move as well. Durrant was incredible the first two seasons of Souness. People were already saying we'd lose him to Serie A. And we were by far the biggest club in Britain at the time.
  4. No way Sir Bobby got his from heading.
  5. Davie's in the Dryborough cup final for me, though 87 is still the best free kick I have ever seen, live or watching on TV.
  6. Heart breaks for Klopp. I would hope Liverpool fans take stock of what he has done for them and what the man is going through right now.
  7. Nothing wrong with what he did. Even the Welsh fans dont think it was a red.
  8. I bought 4/8 tickets at Hampden for the Euros for Dad and I. No way am I spending £200 to send two of those games stuck in with the Tranny Army. I am keeping the other group game and the last 16 tie. Scotland games will get sold when I get them.
  9. For every (small handful of times) he made me angry, there were and still are 100 times he made me glad I am a Rangers fan. Love the man to bits.
  10. How can the waist high assault on Roofe not even be cited or ,thanks to the cowards at the BBC, shown?.
  11. Sorry to be a snob, and I like wee Tom, love his passion, but we are a major British and European club, and our media output should reflect that.
  12. Supposedly told Sir Walter and/or Ally to go f themselves. Got the Billy Big Time attitude.
  13. Rangers play 'proper football' What Hughes hasn't forgotten is the art of management. In his time out he would go up to Ainslie Park, home of Lowland League side Spartans, to watch and run some sessions, and while doing media work he would always make notes on players he might one day like to sign. County's recent 5-0 defeat at Premiership leaders Rangers left its mark on Hughes, who turned down other opportunities to get back in before accepting the job in Dingwall, where he feels he will get a fair crack to leave his mark. "Rangers were too good for us - rightly so. They're a
  14. Methinks celtic got the wrong Shane. Somewhere in Ireland, a 6ft plus 'singer' is belting out Fairytale of New York.
  15. I look younger than Shane, and I am nearly 20 years older than him.
  16. Its the 'greatest league in the world' (TM). Nobody overhypes players like the English media.
  17. I rate him highly, and said in the summer that I couldnt understand why the manager didnt get him in permanently, esp as he was supposedly available for £150,000. With Defoe probably retiring and Alfredo off, I would poach him this summer ahead of Aberdeen.
  18. Gullit used to do those all the time. Never got tired of it.
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