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  1. ffs 61 posts and we haven't sussed him yet? lol @ op. Geez fucking peace mate. You must try harder Timmy.
  2. Cmon mate... let's be nice? Folks in the UK/America/Canada/OZ/SA/ etc... need to get a grip. English is not the only language out there? In fact, English is barely spoken in 'here'? lol
  3. Been on hols over the w/e*. Back to real life on Tuesday. So, you will surely miss me. Long live The Rangers -- and God Bless Walter Smith -- and the Queen. * I generally work 7 days per week. A w/e off (plus Monday) is a holiday.
  4. Casey -- we have a bit of previous.... But for you to suggest that "WE already know the answer" is garbage mate. You're a fairly intelligent guy. Surely you see the flaw in your approach/argument here? If not, I will gladly enlighten you. After all... we're all here to help. (Arrogant bassa that I am )
  5. A bit depressing of course... but history that needs to be remembered. Must be remembered.
  6. I sometimes reflect -- actually often lol -- on the UEFA run. WHY did we do so well? Big Carlos clearly.. Davie... Shagger..... So it was all about defending. We no longer have Carlos.. Big Davie has lost a step (or two)... but we still have Allan. To me.. we're one down in that equation. BUT... we have Vladko, (God bless our new member btw), and James B -- who will shine in the CL. AND.. in the last 16... Big Niko enters the equation. We need to do the biz @IBROX. We can, and we will. I can convince myself that we can win the CL btw :-)
  7. Know where you're coming from mate.. but Criminals is a bit harsh? No? I honestly believe the club is seriously looking out for the supporters safety. That is the #1 priority?
  8. OP... Evidence please of the support being treated like 'criminals' Get a grip.
  9. Bears/Bearettes..... Are we good enough to win the SPL? aye. Are we good enough for Europe? nae chance. Are we good enough for the Europa? Mibbes aye. Mibbes naw. But the point is.. we need to tighten up. Our midfield is a disgrace. Where was Davo on Saturday? We need/must get better. I have confidence for the Title... but the CL? Seriously concerned. I just hope that we do 'something' before the window shuts.
  10. We only sell Kyle IF we have someone in our sights?
  11. AYE. Have to NVA. We are terribly short of numbers imho. The ONLY team in Europe from Scotland (again) demands a bigger squad.
  12. Exactly.... Sometimes.... I'm already buzzing about the CL mate. For once, we have quality on the wing. WE have a chance.
  13. I really like you too... Welcome to the board.... And with vladko, we will kick some serious arse. Forgive me, but is vladko the generally accepted short term for Vladimir -- like Jimmy is for James etc... Obvious I suppose.. but it might differ by country? I tried to find the meaning -- but couldn't :-(
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