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  1. Got apex on PC. Origin is FlippinEck. Might get this valheim game, lots of folk I know getting into it!
  2. Ajer the next being hyped up again. No cunt wanted him last year and I can see it being the same again. Can see it being a clear out
  3. I think Tav will sweep the League/Media awards so I would like to see Mcgregor or Davis get ours club poty, maybe even Goldson. All deserved winners.
  4. Hopefully today ends any interest in Shankland, more so from our support. He is gash!
  5. Need Edwards booking for 255 off a fiver. Cash out 34. What we think?
  6. This. One game at a time. We are in a fantastic postion. Better than I thought we would given the January fixtures. I'm still anxious watching our games. We are a couple of bad results away from giving those cunts hope (or at least that's what I keep worrying about). Hopefully a resounding win tonight puts them back in their hole again and we go marching on.
  7. Thought it is was worse last night. Looking at it here he doesn't extend his leg into him and actually tries to bring it back up off him after the contact is made,which after looking at it is accidental.
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