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  1. Getting tired of responding to fannies about this weekend. If anyone wants to have a go at someone clearly trying to wind me up please do. Greatly appreciated.
  2. I'm a sucker for proper HD and no buffering so I'll likely opt for sky.
  3. Programme came this morning. No sign of the magazine. Not sure why programme price is papped up either.
  4. Said the same about Docherty didn't we?
  5. Tenner on Simpson booking 13/2. Easy money. Dumpling.
  6. A very smart tactically fouling team. We gifted them the goal at Ibrox and they sat in after that. They were entitled too. I'm confident we would have came into the game had roofe not got sent off.
  7. Nisbet and Shankland anytime scorers 7/1 PaddyPower
  8. Yet we are on the verge of an all English Champions League and Europa league final 😂
  9. You get on the john niven loyal mate? Used to go on it my dad still does?

    1. FlippinEck


      Aye mate I do. What's his name?

    2. lewislaudrup
  10. If you want the game on disc, drop me a PM

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