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  1. Fortunate to be drawing but at same time if we were 1 up we would be saying more of the same. This team are well organised and better than half the pish we play every weekend. Hopefully we go in at half time, adapt and come out better.
  2. Had a fiver on Bassey anytime goal at 5/1. Will take it 🇬🇧
  3. Bought the 1/4 zip and jogger shorts. Wanted one of the big jackets but they were sold out. That's 130+ in a couple of weeks I've spent and 200+ overall on this year's stuff. Most I've spent in a long time in our shops!
  4. You've been done again. Free delivery today!
  5. 5 Worst Signings - Pena, Senderos, Barton, Grezda, Lafferty 4 Best Signings - Morelos, Kamara, Barisic, Aribo (all 4 will make us a mint) 3 Left too soon - Candeias, Waghorn (I think they could have still contributed. 3rd was tough but I'd say McCrorie, wasn't overly fussed at him going but has potential to backfire. 2 Past legends - Cuellar, Prso 1 Future Signing - Ferguson coming on to a game.
  6. Actually quite like that hedges, decent pace, decent runner with ball.
  7. Already heard more Aberdeen chants than heard ours vs them at the piggery...
  8. That last fight was brutal. If I wasn't wide awake I would have fallen asleep already, not a great event but at least I didn't have to pay 50 plus dollars like the yanks!
  9. Vicente... Released by Valencia, set to sign for Brighton... surely worth a punt?
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