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  1. Banging on about their injuries. We are missing Kent, Helander, Jack. We just got Hagi back. We've had other players out with niggles and covid. I think Barisic is still carrying what he had from the summer. If they want to get caught up in the everything is going against them mentality, it will only drag them down further. Let them.
  2. Commentator loves the word "Fashion"
  3. Done... 6 mins into 4 minutes added on!!
  4. My stream appears to be about 3 or 4 minutes behind the time on PP in play.
  5. Only been watching second half, flicking between that and Hibs and got the Arsenal Spurs game on but from what I've seen theyve been tidy on the ball and moving well. Still a couple of dodgy moments in defence but they've been getting forward well.
  6. Best thing about it was it was clearly a boardroom signing too.
  7. Thought he was gonna pull the boy down there but he couldnt get near him
  8. 5er on Soro to get booked. Usless cunt.
  9. Absolutely ridiculous decision. Straight out of the banter years that contract
  10. Lundstram Motm followed closely by Balogun
  11. He's not the only uncomfortable player. Lass at my work, her sister goes out with Turnbull and she said he has struggled with intensity in training.
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