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  1. Lille look horrible and devoid of ideas. Papped it on and 5 mins later they are 2 down and could have been more! They can barely pass.
  2. This is now their first bit of real pressure in years. The narrative we keep seeing from them is 'nothing is won in October' and 'Rangers will collapse as per usual'. The fact they are relying on us to 'collapse' says it all. If you think theyve been imploding recently, just wait til the end if the season if we pull this off. Can you imagine their reaction to everywhere reporting it as title 55?
  3. Has been called up for South Africans ACON qualifiers.
  4. It's a stonewall pen. Piss poor defending, even for the two other goals.
  5. I really want to see these players against another top outfit. Leverkusen were great and our system only saw us lose 1 nil in a very bizarre set of circumstances in the 2nd leg but I think they were there for the taking in the 2nd half of first leg(even if they had another couple gears to go up). That said, our organisation is close to that of Walters European team but we finally have players capable of keeping the ball and playing it further up the field which we lacked at times before. I really look forward to our European games these days.
  6. His touch was poor at key times and there was a couple of opportunities where last season he would have taken the team on instead of giving ball to someone else. That said, he kept trying and by fuck was I willing him on. My missus used to hate him but the more she's seen rangers play this year cos of the TV games she has seen the shit he has to put up with and she was having a go at me for giving him it tight 😂 that said, he's obviously trying a bit too hard and desperate for a goal. Hopefully they come sooner rather than later!
  7. Balogun hasn't played in a while, Aribo back from injury and Bassey used intermittently and of course Roofe's return. I think one of the most pleasing things about last night was the fact these players slotted back into the team with ease. Balogun kept it simple and never put a foot wrong. Bassey got forward, caused them problems and came in and settled quickly at a time when standard were getting back into the game. Aribo's touch and movement in the rain was stunning, imagine him if the pitch wasnt waterlogged? And roofe. Well it much more can be said about his impact! I think it's a good sig
  8. Had money on Kamara and Jack when I was over for the Feyenoord game, was a nice wee extra spend at 16/1 in the dam after the match
  9. Kamara to get booked 4/1 Kamara and Arfield to get booked 25/1 Barisic and Kamara (or arfield) 20/1 Torn
  10. All the more reason why last year should have been played to a finish when this season started and a shorter season played out this year with scope to deal with the virus going forward.
  11. Once you've had covid, it's very unlikely you will suffer again. If most of a team has already had it to the point where they likely won't have a game forfeited, why is it fair any teams going forward who inevitably may end up getting it, should be punished far worse than any of those before them?
  12. Just a point on Sky's coverage. If the next old firm game is still behind closed doors. I hope they play 90 minutes of Rangers chants over the match (even though personally I hate the fake noise) only because I'm sure I heard fuck all to do with us.
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