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  1. Please stop talkin crap. The players were rusty as hell. The 3 week break killed us. The fact we cannot defend set peices and got sliced open 5/6 times in the first half alone shows how slow and how much match sharpeness we lost. Hibs were the better team today. Deserved it no doubt but he was playin to defend the the lead and when they scored play for extra time. Our defence lost us the game not the manager
  2. https://www.periscope.tv/ccbarl1873/1RDGlDOdbmjGL Better than nothing
  3. Hi fellow bears, I am up from London and really want to get tickets for the game tomorrow. I tried after a couple of days after they were released because of my payday and I appear to have missed out. I will be willing to pay a little more to get them. PLEASE PLEASE SOMEONE HELP ME OUT!! Hope u all had a great xmas !!!
  4. Would be a great signing. Scored 39 goals in 76 games for Skonto Riga and he is only 20. Scored 29 in 34 when he was only 18. It may only be the latvian league but you can only score against whats put in front of you. He was offered to Rangers in Summer a long with some other Eastern European players which included fellow Latvian Davis Ikaunieks but due to the new management nothing came to be.
  5. Hi Folks, I have set up a live stream in English via Youtube if your interested. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0Ai6311ZhfI
  6. They have scouted around and identified players but because they had to effectively 'freelance' Neil Murray in to scout for the new manager coming in they dont have a full time head scout on board. Players that ave been signed have been all MW & DW. Like I said in the transfer thread there was a list of players and contact was made to determine player interest in the club and it was really down to MW to give the green light if he fancies bringing that player to the club.
  7. http://rangers.co.uk/news/headlines/item/9487-warburton-headed-to-euros Good scouting start
  8. 5cotland


    A number of players have been drawn up by the scouts and backroom staff but like i said just above nothing concrete will be done until a new manager has their input and whether the players written up match their plans.
  9. 5cotland


    Scott Allan is being considered as top priority at the moment. Nicid's agent agent has offered us a few players that are mostly freebies but these being looked into as to whether they are what we are looking for. We are looking at spending some money and main priorities are solid CB leader, a midfielder who can control the game (Allan) and a goalscorer. They are not looking to replace Bell at the moment but are looking for a back up keeper. There is a large list of players drawn up but no bids made to anyone yet as they are waiting for the new manager to have their input. A few enquiries have
  10. 5cotland


    I know we wont but just players who I think will be able improve us big time. Not players I think are impossible to get but it would be good to see us try and get at least 1 of them.
  11. 5cotland


    My old man is a scout at Reading and he is close friends with a member of the Rangers staff who told him that we asked about him but he did not want to play at this level.
  12. 5cotland


    A few players that I have seen and been impressed with are: Vegard Forren - Available for £1m from Molde FK Jesper Drost - Available for £1.2m from Zwolle Filip Helander - Available for £600k from Malmo I know we enquired about Tomas Necid as a free transfer from Zwolle but his agent said he wouldnt come here due to the league we are in so the agent offered a few players he will have available.
  13. RANGERS could play a number of Second Division matches on Friday nights next term. It’s understood new broadcasters BT Sport will look to schedule some Gers games and SPL clashes in that slot to maximise their viewing figures. BT Sport will take over from ESPN at the end of July and have bought the rights to 30 live SPL matches and 10 Gers games. No other football in the UK is screened on a Friday and that’s why the time slot is so appealing. A number of SPL clashes – including the Highland derby – were played on a Friday night last term and it was hailed as a success by clubs and TV chiefs. P
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