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  1. Honestly thought those pics were photo shopped. what a riddy
  2. See how this prick kudela making a big show of pointing to the respect badge and taking the knee. Did he take the knee previously??
  3. Anyone recognise a similarity between McGregors Dry, wry, winner mentally to Sir Walter.
  4. I couldn’t give a shit Lennon won’t be around for 55. I’m just glad that’s the poisonous scumbag away from Scottish football. He’s been responsible for souring & creating a toxic atmosphere since he arrived on the scene. We hopefully won’t hear of him again until he is arrested for drink driving/woman beating/common assault and is described by the media as disgraced former Hibs manager.
  5. Ryan jack is a brilliant midfielder. No debate. And he’s a fucking Protestant. 🇬🇧 What is in doubt is his injury concerns. Anyone know if whatever the issue is will it ever clear up completely???
  6. Very soft booking for Tav. If he gets sent off today does he automatically miss the next game??
  7. If they get rid of Lennon they will have to go for the cheap option again. Someone like Jack Ross or Derek McInnes. 😂😂
  8. I’m I the only one that when they read that interview from Lennon going on about the new breed of fans getting too used to winning, thinks he is preparing them for a few years of not winning fuck all. Wonder what he knows.
  9. For me it’s Carlos cuellar. He might not have been a marquee signing but he was instrumental in us getting to Manchester in 2008.
  10. I’m sure his son was on it & his name was Patrick.
  11. I’m glad he’s stated that it’s unlikely Pena will play for us again.
  12. The “miss anything?” Line (no pun intended) along with the general lack of empathy could be an indication that he is aware of more than he mentioned.
  13. Remember the ridiculous red Andy haliday got for a fist pump in the middle of the pitch. ?
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