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  1. Don’t want to sound too negative but! There is an obvious connection between the celtic main team and the boys club but I’m genuinely concerned that in a legal capacity there won’t be. No amount of us hoping otherwise will change anything if they get away with this.
  2. Eddie Howe??? He said no thanks!!! 🤣🤣
  3. I might start getting worried when Klopp gets linked with the Newcastle job.
  4. She has been used as a sacrificial lamb due to the racist, Chernobyl and MH comments. Nothing mentioned about H*** or orange bastards. we can’t leave this here. If there is recognition that H**/orange bastards tweets are sectarian and racist there will be a lot of high end politicians shitting themselves.
  5. One thing I’ve noticed that doesn’t seem to be getting highlighted by us, while we glorify in the victory of getting this janey persons adverts stopped, is that in all the reports I’ve seen. The times, the sun (who’s own bill lekie I remember doing a disgusting report on Alfredo) and now the herald. Is that they are all reporting the “racist tweets, racist against black people that is. They are reporting anti Islamic tweets, nothing wrong with calling us H*** and orange bastards it seems.
  6. I disagree about mcgregor not stopping us losing yesterday. He might not have saved the goal but he’d have fired a few rockets up cunts arses.
  7. Really surprised Patterson is not in the squad.
  8. Sad news. Rip Ally.
  9. Tav will have to stay as the first choice RB. But he’s shown form dips at certain times over the last few seasons and we haven’t had any suitable replacements. Thankfully we have that now with Patterson and he should be able to come in when required to either rest Tav to prevent form dips due to burnout or injury. SG will manage them properly I’m sure.
  10. Sounds just like Lennon then. 😂😂
  11. Also we had just won the league and had spent the build up to the first leg on the bevy.
  12. Honestly thought those pics were photo shopped. what a riddy
  13. See how this prick kudela making a big show of pointing to the respect badge and taking the knee. Did he take the knee previously??
  14. Anyone recognise a similarity between McGregors Dry, wry, winner mentally to Sir Walter.
  15. I couldn’t give a shit Lennon won’t be around for 55. I’m just glad that’s the poisonous scumbag away from Scottish football. He’s been responsible for souring & creating a toxic atmosphere since he arrived on the scene. We hopefully won’t hear of him again until he is arrested for drink driving/woman beating/common assault and is described by the media as disgraced former Hibs manager.
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