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  1. Er, that's the Japanese currency. Sorry Scotty
  2. Ok. Are you saying it's a crap deal and on what basis?
  3. Agreed. I think this is an excellent signing for us.
  4. So going back to my original point, how does this represent a bad deal for the club? It frees up money for other signings - common sense in my opinion.
  5. Of course I'm serious. The previous transfer window has been proven to be a shambles. The board backed Pedro to the hilt and now we are where we are. Appreciate that you don't want to bail the board out and like us all we want the best team in the park but I still maintain this is a good deal for a player that has hardly played this season.
  6. If I frees up some money to get some much needed strengthening of the team then I don't have a problem with it.
  7. So, what's the problem with this deal? You happy that we've spunked more than 3 million on two Mexicans that have played fewer games between them than Murphy will probably play on loan?
  8. Where the shambles with this deal? We've pissed millions against the wall for Pena, Herrera and the rest of the duds Pedro brought in. FFS, the Board do something sensible for a change and your not happy??
  9. That's him. I have remember one game he turned up in a red indian ( ok, native American for the benefit of the easily offended) chief's costume and did a rain dance. Funny as fuck and totally random.
  10. Spot on m8. Went to Cathkin High and he was known as Geordie back then.
  11. Submitted mine already. The 1872 Ground (Park) Agree with previous comment regarding naming it after an individual irrespective of the merits at the time.
  12. I went see them once at coasters in Falkirk. Don't know if that was the regular home venue but I do remember that it was pish.
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