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  1. That would be a first up there haha waiting to heard back from a couple regards a ticket for the Copland!
  2. I'm looking for one ticket for the Copland front for the semi final if anyone could help me out, cheers
  3. I'm looking for one in the Copland front?
  4. After 23 years I hope the families and victims finally get justice!
  5. great idea, well done all involved. will the banner be on show at the old firm game? remember the 66 justice the 96
  6. Can some post the link, I can't see it on my blackberry!
  7. Anyone who says alan wasn't bothered about leaving is talkin utter shite! he was more or less dragged on the plane by bain to london! he didn't want to go and kept stalling that's why it took a while for the deal to go through! Oh and btw he's up in glasgow today
  8. Liverpool for me managed to get down for the semi final against A.Madrid last season in the Europa Laegue, great experience standing in the Kop Most people say Liverpool is a T*rrier team due to the fact they mhankie bastards stole YNWA! Rangers & Liverpool Loyal!
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