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  1. You are talking shite poster, unless, you have just come out of a three year coma, your surname is mcoist and your rangers friend(s) is a refugee from North Korea. We are as ill prepared for top tier football as we were three years ago, have an ageing team based on nepotism and play route one shite football. Out of interest how did you get into that three year coma? Where can I get one?
  2. Agreed. We have more ageing donkeys than anyone else, so a canter it is.
  3. You miss my point. I am not a great fan of anyone on the list nor have I got a soft centre for underperformers. What I am saying is that for as long as I remember our support always seems to single out an individual to give pelters to whether deserved or not. Charlie Adam is a good example. I am sure that this year another candidate will emerge. As for wising up and getting rid of passengers and dross plus referring to former glories we would be lucky to field a seven a side team at the moment if dross were cleared out. Time to stop living in the past and feeding of former glories mate cos we
  4. Seems like a lot of people glad to see the back of Ross Perry. Good to see that the majority at least wish him well for the future. Who will be the next player to be singled out for abuse I wonder? It has always pissed me off that there is always a scapegoat that gets singled out for more abuse than others, its nothing new, I am in my fifties now and it has always been the case. Nominations for next scapegoat? Shields Aird Gallagher Hutton (stopped taking bets on this one) McGregor Smith Foster Daly Its like Cadburies Roses, everyone has a favourite!
  5. Was Andy Coulson not a defender for Hivs, a real hacking bastard!
  6. Totally agree. Also beating Juve and PSV over there
  7. How many ex Gers players have you seen at World Cup so far? Would you have any of them back for a second time if they are old enough?
  8. Burke the only one for me. Shields and Clark up front with Templeton and Burke on wings, goals fest! Midfield more of a puzzler.
  9. Alex McLeish A Rangers man. Been there, seen it, done it. Successful even with limited resources. The man to get us promotion next season and playing better football.
  10. As a responsible dad I brought both my sons up as Rangers men. As youngsters their rooms were covered in posters, Gers duvet covers, rangers lampshades, wallpaper, every Gers tops going, the works. My oldest boy still goes to Ibrox but only occasionly, probably to keep me happy, but he and his mates travel to see Arsenal, Newcastle and Chelsea for the entertainment and nights on the razz. He then settles down on Sundays for Spanish football. He tells me he will always be a Rangers man but cant bare to watch the dross that we are getting served up. My younger son is a games junkie and cant be a
  11. I totally agree with you. He certainly was not the worst of a bad lot. Hutton, Law and Smith ineffective and totally devoid of a killer pass between them. Daly slow and looking pissed of. Black cannot shake off small man syndrome. Moshni thinks he's better than he actually. Foster, pace to burn but nothing else. Jig did not really contribute much at all. Should be 4-4-2 with Clarke and Shields up front. I really fear for next week and see another disaster looming.
  12. I do choose to be impressed by your Madam Zeldaesque insights into my thoughts, but seriously, we are strolling this league, obviously, but our lack of style, guile and consistency, most of all consistency should concern all of us. As for "walking the league next season", I do have misgivings but I dont think I am alone in that.
  13. I cannot decide whether we have "a good squad" or a squad "good enough" that will win the league next year. Diehards aside, I think it is factual to say that the majority of fans on this site, which I believe to be an accurate reflection of the support in general, are pretty pissed off at the standard of our play, lack of cutting edge / guile, inability to close games out and general lack of style. I believe we will struggle next year and the notion of " automatic " promotion is unrealistic. It is also factual that we have a huge wage bill, players and management / coaching staff, that is dis
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