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  1. Dinnae mind paying £9 for the mask, but £5.50 for shipping is ripping the pish. Btw, if it had been £14 for the mask & 50p shipping, I would have bought it.
  2. Think ma new year resolution will need to be, don’t post pish on the forum. 🤪🤪
  3. If Aribo is part of the mid 3, we’ll struggle, showed last week, he can’t play that role.
  4. Derek Ferguson, better than Barry imo, should’ve been a legend. Tugay, had so much to offer, if he’d stayed another year, we would’ve ended up building the team around him.
  5. Oor Boab, %50 Zidane, %50 Vinnie Jones, %100 Bear. ??
  6. Just saw the clip for tomorrows you know the drill on ssn, what's the odds on Windass snr being the new assistant. ??
  7. I remember when the teams came out, this auld boy asked me what number the new boy was, when I mentioned he was the only coloured player in the team, he neary had a heart attack. ???
  8. That's because Kenny picks the team.
  9. And then we'll have the usual crew claimin a 4-1 away win isnae worth anything cause it was only Hamilton. GET PEDRO OUT ???
  10. Because in these days of social media, the vocal minority rule. the silent majority never get a second look, because of the silence. I am of a certain vintage who have been thru hard times before, albeit, nothing this severe. Stability is what is needed, changing managers every year only creates chaos, every manager wants to replace players asap, we don't have the cash or the time for that, think back to the Brady/Macari/Venglos days at he glitterdome.
  11. Mixed thoughts oan this. Have we showed fight after the poor start ? YES. Is it a good performance considering the press would have you believe we are a fractured unit ? YES. Would we have showed the same fight last week if we had lost a goal that early ? ?? I really want Pedro to succeed, but I fear time and fan expectation will kill us once again.
  12. No excuse, we were shit, not ma point tho. Ryan Jack was arguably our best performer on fri night until he was taken out, similar challenge today by Luiz in the chelsea/arsenal match, straight red, no messing, everyone agreed. Friday night, no red, pundits say nothing in it, including a Rangers legend btw. I hate being part of the paranoid loyal, but, it's really starting to be blatant.
  13. Only when you're the donkey. ??
  14. Just watched MOTD2, can anybody tell me what's the difference between the Luiz challenge on Kalasnic & Edwards challenge on Jack ? Neutral refs perhaps. ?? What about the reporting of the two incidents ? Neutral pundits perhaps. ?? On to Sportstims, noticed rabid tarrier Jim McIntyre dropped his regular keeper for a raffle ticket holder. Neutral managers pethaps. ??? #PARANOID
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