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  1. Hearing isn't for another 2 weeks yet numnutz.
  2. To large a thread to go through all the pish to see if this has already been said, but If Fridays daily rhebel is to be believed regarding the story about Whyte dumping the takeover because of the Uefa charge then I say, FUCK HIM & HIS CASH If he's not willing to back the club or the fans in this fight, then I don't want him anywhere near our club, if he's a real fan like most of us (no handwringers) then he should be able to see that we are the ones being persecuted here, if he doesn't, then he is of no use to us. So Mr Whyte, I only have one question. ARE YOU WITH US, OR AGAINST US ?
  3. Does anybody else get the feeling that permatan has spent the afternoon bent ower the table while the rest have turns at shaftin us. Ah widnae pit money oan him fightin oor corner for us.
  4. It's the big bad proddys tae blame That aboot sums it up
  5. C'mon noo, permatan widnae agree tae that, Inverness in the mornin and Killie at night wid be mair like it.
  6. Ah think I hear the greetin awready, "sporting integrity" anyone The great unwashed'll be gaun mental, they've got a tour of China tae go on.
  7. Coming in, AC/DC - Bad Boy Boogie (live) Going out, Jon & Vangelis - I Hear You Now
  8. what can I say, shit happens, and it was my turn to be shit on.
  9. Picked up a fuckin virus off this site, just wasted an hour getting rid.
  10. Sandy Robertson. Winner at Love Street kept the run going, think it was Watties first game in charge after Souness left.
  11. If you find any let me know, that's where the works crimbo weekend is this year an were away tae Inverness.
  12. While I agree about not stooping to their level, maintaining the moral high ground is starting to work against us. If something is said loud enough and long enough without being challenged, more people start to believe it, the more that happens, more credence is given to the statements, regardless of whether their is any truth to them or not. So while the club continue to take the "dignified silence" stance, people on the outside are beginning to ask why. Do Rangers have something to hide ? Are the ruling bodies of Scottish football corrupt ? Can there really be a campaign against one club in
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