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  1. Surely if someone is singing something that shouldn't be sung shouldn't be annoyed if he is kicked out? On the same basis, if a Steward kicked him out for singing said song, he would be in the right, as he is just doing his job? Am I right so far? Now say a large guy is singing this song, full pelt, so everyone can hear him, surely you can't expect someone, who it isn't there job to go over and mention to him to stop it. If hes singing loud enough hoping everyone can hear him, you can assume he won't take you telling him to shut up kindly. So, by telling the Steward, you're only highlightin
  2. Deserves it... made the potential of scott brown in just shite. paid for donati LOLZ gave one of the back wardrobes the captaincy well done... yer pish
  3. We are only allowed 11 in the team Timmy UEFA bastards and their rules... Ahh! any idea whos on the bench?
  4. Collins would do the job well imo. But its awfy drastic wanting rid of strachan just cause collins walked out on hibs.
  5. How could WGS be the next PLG? Seriously. Think about it.
  6. "why did they bring evander on? there was enough sno at cp".. hahaha.. pish.
  7. It is possible to milk tits. i just came up with that, straight of the cuff. i'm a comedian.
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