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  1. The SPL IS pish, make no mistake, but you can only beat what is put in front of you.
  2. Another 35 of them will do me nicely, as it will mean 3IAR.
  3. Apart from his lack of basic goal scoring ability, passing, control, positioning sense, his serious lack of respect for his team mates, his fans, and the desire to cheat against fellow professionals, Lafferty is the epitome of what is 'Rangers Class'. Sure, Miller can play and score against anyone in the World, at both International level and domestic, and will always run himself into the ground, unselfishly doing the work for others, but can we say he is 'Rangers Class' like our boy Kyle?
  4. No matter whay anyone thinks of him, he is still the best Scottish centre back by a country mile.
  5. Is that the same financial squeeze which has seen us sign 3 players for £6M recently? Yet another load of pish.
  6. I think Smith will only get rid off Miller if he doesnt sign a new deal. If he stays, I cant see him not playing, he is on form just now and it would be folly to drop him right now for a relatively unknown quantity.
  7. Yeah, we just went two years without buying, and flogging all our players for the crack off it.
  8. Its as though we got Davis and Mendes for a couple of scratch cards.
  9. Marco Negri, but I would sort out a girlfriend for him first.
  10. So the only evidence is the interviews from last month? Im going to say this is pish.
  11. Making star players offers they cant refuse.
  12. No better than Zaluska. Let the Thunder continue to roar...
  13. To be fair mate, its hardly Earth Shattering news, I guess the entire male population of that train could have told you the same. Thanks for sharing though.
  14. Spot on Steely.. http://www.<No links to this website>/news/2009/11/01/revealed-takeover-tycoon-s-mum-is-secret-owner-of-rangers-shares-worth-1-5m-78057-21789283/
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