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  1. Your thinking of the Rangers Supporters Assembly, when in fact the organisation is the Rangers Supporters Association which is independent from Rangers.
  2. The cops did have an Alsation and Doberman outside the Rangers end after the game which some might find intimidating. The searches by stewards were over the top. You would have thought Annan were playing Crvena Zvezda with the security at Annan's ground yesterday.
  3. Apparently the TV deals for the scottish cup do not cover this round so it's unlikley to be on TV.
  4. Voted Division 3. Let's see how all those putting the boot into Rangers cope without us for a few seasons.
  5. Philth has added a new article on his site where he rewrites the history of the Battle of Britain. I wouldn't expect anything less from someone who's grampa was a Nazi collaborator.
  6. Agree this is what will happen. The tannoy will also get the Rangers fans going pre match with Penny Arcade.
  7. In January 1999 both Rangers and the scum played at home in the scottish cup. Rangers beat Stenhousemuir 2-0 and the scum beat Airdrie.
  8. He is not OK to jump over. There is to be no overcrowding in BF1.
  9. Fantastic statement. Also good to see it explicitly state that the Sash and Build My Gallows are allowed which should alleviate Rangers fans fears about singing these songs.
  10. The section does need direction from a capo otherwise lots of people are going to try and start different songs at the same time and the singing will be disjointed and disorganised.
  11. Those who have moved to BF1, check your email
  12. Bear in mind guys that the ticket office are still working their way through the applications so don't panic if you log into your purchase history on the Rangers website and your new seat isn't on it.
  13. Can all those who have been offered a seat please reply to the email to confirm they are happy with the seat offered and return the form to the ticket office by Monday. Until there is no confirmation we cannot add you to our master file and you risk losing your seat as the ticket office will sell tickets to those who wrote in with their renewal forms wishing to be seated near the singing section.
  14. You should hopefully receive a reply some time today. Please bear in mind that those who are dealing with the transfers have full time jobs and families. What will happen is you will be emailed a proposal for a seat in BF1 along with the migration form which needs to be returned to the ticket office.
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