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  1. The Queen would do what's right for her citizens, this is it. Calling someone a taig however is extremely low. Sort yourself out. Consider yourself a bear ffs.
  2. You've implied that a fellow bear is a taig. You disgust me. WATP 1690 NS
  3. Said with absolute sincerity of course. Reported for implying I'm a taig.
  4. Maybe we could get the Queen to have done to him what happened to Princess Diana?
  5. I got a nice video of the card display and thought it was great to see one again.
  6. Rumour has it that McCulloch was paid more in 24 weeks than that whole Queens team was paid all year. Work it out...
  7. He's quite the propaganda machine. Thankfully, everyone knows it's not true.
  8. Can't decide whether to go or not... Probably rest on whether I get my assignment done or not.
  9. I'm so offended too. This was the purpose of this thread, right?
  10. Apparently Lee McCulloch earns more per year than that Queens team.
  11. One of two then, as no-one said avoid him due to injuries.
  12. Were we watching the same game? Very effective at breaking up their play, found our players and wasn't wasteful in possession like his partner Law. He also didn't try many, if any, of said passes today. You pick an isolated incident, one bad pass doesn't ruin his game, Foster should've hoofed the ball out in any case. 'Doing alright in leage 1...' As opposed to doing well in which league? He can only play in the league he's in and has been second behind Wallace for player of the season.
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