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  1. SubsideSports did have a few in stock yesterday. Managed to bag one just before they sold out again. Got an email today confirming its been shipped, so will hopefully receive it tomorrow or Saturday.
  2. 27 shots (13 on target). Love it. However, need to be more clinical in future since not every single game over the course of a season will allow for so many missed opportunities. Style of play and attitude is what we've longing for though.
  3. Pearce is an absolute idiot! Is he still trying to defend his rant from the French game? There were two readings given: one from the shot off the post and another from went the ball hit off the keeper and crossed the line. What's "wrong" or complicated about that Jonathon!?
  4. Sounds dreadful. The aesthetics are superb though!
  5. He's a grade A super fud. Why he thinks its necessary to stir such an argument is a testament to that.
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