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  1. Roughie is a prod,who happened to have a short stay at Celtic.He's just playing his part on a phone-in radio show.
  2. Aye! and Rangers fans should keep their noses oot and mind their ain biznez. SOB,SOB,SOB. :lol:
  3. Ibrahim,much better prospect than Edu IMO.
  4. There is some excellent players in the MSL.My own personal favorite(being a Toronto fan, is Marvell Wynne,22 year old right back,who would walk into this Rangers team(at the moment),extremely fast,and can carry the ball from one end of the park to the other,in a flash. Also young striker(17 next month) Abdus Ibrahim,looks like a future superstar.
  5. I was curious. Jesus, if this the sort of reply my threads are going to get I'll not bother posting. Nothing wrong with your thread Ted,considering some of the shite Kerrso posts.
  6. Is the game on TV back home? I'm watching it on Livefooty Stream 2,f#cken hillarious Timmy commentry.if you get a minute have a quick look guys, youll love it.
  7. A joy to watch, fast too and knew exactly what he needed to do. With D wilson on the other wing we had a great team then came Baxter and MacMillan in midfield - you younger guys just have NO IDEA what you missed. PURE FOOTBALL. :bouncy: :bouncy: Ah! "THE WEE PRIME MINISTER" classy player,would have won 30-40 Scottish caps,only for John White(same thing for Ralphie and Denis Law)
  8. Pearl divers? probably muff divers.
  9. On his game he looks really good,but I don't think that he's on his game too often.
  10. We'd all love to see super striker Boyd score against tougher opposition also.(and penalties don't count)
  11. yeah such a mediocre player that he was considered one of, if not, Wigans most important player last year! A player who has not looked out of his depth in the Premiership for the past two seasons, a guy who has given guys like Terry, Carragher and Vidic a tough time. People should look beyond the name IMO. Agreed,but they will all be Lee McCulloch fans six months from now,and only a few will admit to being wrong,but hey! that's what being a Rangers fan on these boards are all about now-a-days.
  12. Cheers Bassa. Oops sorry, BAZZA!
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