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  1. Never Mcneil pal. Paddy Crerand was Baxters best buddy,slim Jim was partial to paddy's sister "Bridie."
  2. WTF is going "live" to a game got to do with anything I can't go live, cos I'm 7,000 fucken Miles away ffs. I watch every(and I mean every)game Rangers play.I watch them live,I watch them a couple of hours later,I watch the main hi-lights over,and over(on Rangers TV)throughout the week.there is nothing I miss,believe me.Yet I have people who on game day are jumping about on RM asking for a link to the game,telling me they know better than I do? Get a life.
  3. At last a couple of guys who actually watch what is happening on the park.I can't believe the negative shit against McCulloch. It's unbelievable,I honestly think big Lee is the best at his position in the SPL (ask Steven Davis)He will probably end up player of the year in the SPL this season.You can laugh at my prediction right now,I'll laugh at the end of the season when I'm proved right,once again.Go for it big Lee,there is quite a few of us who truly cherish your worth to our club.
  4. I'd say you are incredibly unfit (you usually are though),to make such a judgment call.
  5. You really surprise me NV, This guy didn't put a foot wrong all day(he rarely does)maybe he should change his name to Boyd :lol: To get some unwarranted respect eh?
  6. Did you even watch the game? if you did,you know dick about the beautiful game.
  7. He usually is,it's just some of our blinkered friends can't, or just don't want to see this,for some strange reason.
  8. I'd say both Naismith and McCulloch had dibs over Weiss for MOTM today.
  9. Wow! your brother in laws mate must be a scratch golfer eh? I've been watching Martin for a couple of years over here now and he can certainly hold his own against the best on the PGA tour.Very rarely misses the cut,and actually won an event on the tour last year. I wonder if big Colin Montgomery has him in mind for the Ryder Cup?
  10. I don't know how many of you guys back home realize that Martin Laird is native of Glasgow,who does very well on the PGA tour here in the states.He has just carded a 65 in the third round of The Barclays($7.5 mil)to take a three shot lead into the final round tomorrow.(nine shots better than tiger)fingers crossed for Martin.
  11. Had the same thought last season DB.and I still think the same.
  12. He was excellent,didn't put a foot wrong,and set up the winning goal for us. some of you guys really should take your heads out of the sand,and give this guy a break.
  13. Yes I did TG for some reason the pre-game show wasn't there.I thought here we go again,but as soon as the game started it came on.
  14. Yea!me too,I wonder what happened to the pre-game show though?
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