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  1. A win in this game could really set us up for a decent run. I'd love to see us totally embarrass them but a tight 1-0 victory will do.
  2. No matter how bad we think most of the teams in the SPL are, we are nowhere near being ready to hammer them. None of our new signings are match fit, Sandaza and Kyle have had no pre-season at all, and the rest of the squad have had very little game-time apart from Brechin and East Fife. Later in the season, once we've brought in a few more new faces and gained real match sharpness, I believe we will be able to take on and beat anyone in Scotland, including "them". But right now we're simply not ready. I voted for Dunfermline, because I think they'll turn out to be the weakest of them all.
  3. [#2001] Sorry, the server is too busy to handle your request, please try again in a moment Tad busy in here tonight too eh.....hahaha!
  4. I'm fairly sure it'll be about getting match fitness into Shiels rather than dropping Hutton for no reason. We've barely got enough bodies to fill the bench so they all have to find their feet pretty quickly.
  5. That was out of order, but as you're back on here it's obviously been sorted out. I've been on RM for years and can count the amount of "unfair" bans I'm aware of on 1 hand, although there may well be more that I'm not aware of. I've tried most of the other forums and this is still beyond doubt the most open and honest IMO.
  6. RM doesn't ban anyone for simply disagreeing with the general consensus of the forum. I lasted all of 5mins on FF before being banned. I didn't use bad language, didn't insult anyone or belittle the site. I did disagree with one of MDs posts but stated my reasons for doing so in a balanced and not-unfriendly manner. I didn't even get a reply, just an instant ban.
  7. It was reported on all the national news channels that Charles Green couldn't attend the meeting with SPL/SFA officials a week or 2 ago because he was in Switzerland meeting with UEFA re the sanctions.
  8. A manager can only use the best tactics to fit the playing squad he has at his disposal.
  9. We need to get players in now as we will be banned from registering anyone for around 18 months after this window. The squad needs depth to cover for injuries, loss of form etc. Obviously our form will improve dramatically once we've played a few games, gained match sharpness, settled the nerves and become accustomed to playing on much tighter pitches. Then we can judge the players on their merits. It's not always going to be pretty, especially away from home, but we already have enough class in the squad to win the vast majority of our Div 3 and Div 2 games with relative ease. Living within o
  10. Superb........absolutely superb! :praise:
  11. McCulloch for captain and Broadfoot as his wing-man. I agree 100% with those who want Broadfoot played at centre-half, but it may depend on the make-up of the squad and the quality of full-back we have available. It might be that Broadfoot is our best right-back as well as one of our best centre-halfs, although I have high hopes for Cole at full-back.
  12. Hi l4dyh4wk, any chance you can do me a new sig? Anything with either McCulloch or McCoist would be great, and also with "Wreckedroy" and "Sig by l4dyh4wk" on there somewhere? I know you're busy so it's not a problem if you can't, but I'll be dead chuffed if you can!
  13. I've not been this excited about a game in years........bring it on Rangers! :21:
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