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  1. He was shit. But he's improved his game alot and it has paid of.
  2. Fire fly. One of my fave Sci fi series of all time imo. Only lasted one fucking season tho.
  3. Forgot about infamous 2. That should be good, really enjoyed he first one.
  4. Yeah you could do that but then you missed out on the only camo that would get 100% cover (ithink that was his) and his sniper tranq gun. You could easily kill the fucker in boss battle it was getting these items that made it fucking hard. Quality battle.
  5. Yeah i never really got my point across well lol. Theres alot of lads nowadays going to uni. Coming out with qualifications that will never really get them anywhere. More than a few of my mates wished they had taken up trades now. Ofc if your going to do something in uni such as doctor/engineering, something that is actually worthwhile, then they should go for it.
  6. How does this play on the PS3? I normally buy RPGs for my PC (find RPGs easier with mouse and keyboard) but tbh it's starting to pack up a wee bit. Not shelling out 800 quid to upgrade it after just buying a lappy.
  7. Urgh, i've never really got into the MGS stuff. I played 2, snake eater and a bit of four. ALl good games but i duno... Snake easter did have one oof the best boss fights tho. Sneaking up on that sniper camo guy three times to get his camo and gun was fucking awesome took me ages. I know a few people that played the games through without killing anyone in the whole story mode on the hardest level nd stuff. Sounds like a nightmare.
  8. I'm an Industrial sparky. Good job, good hours, good pay Pretty horrible in the winter as it's fucking freezing. Work lads are ok, good banter. Thats me just finished my 2 week holiday now. Going back to work in emm 4 hours. Not a chance i'm sleeping. I've been fucked with the fuel since new years day and sleeping all day awake all night Always think some sort of apprenticeship is the best way to go nowadays. I know they're getting hard to get but defo worth a shot. I find that you need better and better grades to get one nowdays tho. Doing an HNC and stuff in college helps loads. The new a
  9. He can still train with lads offering highclass finishing. Surely this standard can only benefit our beloved Shagger?
  10. Great news. But i think alot of people here are thinking he'll come out of the blocks running, banging them in everday winning us the treble and Europa League. It's the second coming of Jebus TBH i don't even know how he'll fit into the team atm with walters stubbornness with 4-5-1. Play him on the left.......?
  11. They has so much first team quality players with massive egos on the bench and in the reservers it's fuckin unreal. No wonder they have such problems in training and such. They should stop splashing the cash. Get all the players they don't want sell/transferlist/loan them out then improve the core squad the managr wants. They're just wasting world class players atm. Dzeko is a fucking great player which i really like. I don't want to see him going to Man City where he wont get a game and end up on loan to everton in two years time, by that time he's lost all the edge and eye for goal that wo
  12. First time since 2002 that villa have been in the bottom three... So i can see him getting the chop but i think hodgson will get the boot first. Ancelotti situation will be interesting. Grant has had some ok results over xmas hols but he's still on a knifes edge, awful display tonight against newcastle.
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