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  1. Genuinely never heard anyone say a bad word about 4lads before. What you got against him?
  2. Niko will be replaced by Windass in the Jags game. Unfortunately I can't see Kenny being dropped until after the tims game.
  3. Too sensible a comment for in here mate.
  4. This isn't a nightmare. This is a horrific period for this fantastic football club. A nightmare would be waking up a tim!
  5. Was seeing a catholic girl at the time whose dad was Italian and her mum was from Coatbridge - as bitter tims as you can get. My gf's older sister had been at the pub watching the Celtic game. She came home and slammed open the front door, launched her keys across the room onto a small glass table, muttered somthing about me being a dirty orange b****** and stormed upstairs. Apparently this was acceptable behaviour from a 24 year-old woman as her parents never said a word to her. Needless to say me and the gf broke up shortly afterwards.
  6. "respected writer Phil Mac" Is this a fucking wind up?
  7. I saw this film the other week! He dies in the opening scene while fingering Sharon Stone who's driving and crashes the car into the river. Clearly the man is too stupid to realise the irony of him taking part in some on-screen car-related sexual antics! Pretty sure he doesn't even utter a single line!
  8. Did Walter bring back the Monster Munch to Auchenhowie?
  9. I've always been a passionate Scotland fan but after recent events I'd really like to see them get pumped at every available opportunity. Also, I cannot bring myself to cheer on any team featuring Shagger, Naismith etc.
  10. If the SPL don't somehow fiddle it so that Rangers are in the SPL next season then there won't be an SPL. Good.
  11. "If you don't understand it without explanation, you won't understand it with an explanation."
  12. I just want to point out that there's a massive difference imo to giving players stick and booing them. I gave Charlie Adam plenty stick at times when it was deserved, as in Pg's example above, but I can never recall him being booed.
  13. Gid


    Always rated Gomis. Can't see it unfortunately but I hope I'm wrong.
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