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  1. Just boozing and watching telly. Not much happening in sunny Motherwell. You got a man yet?
  2. If Keane wanted to play for Celtic and the tims had the funds ... he'd be there already.
  3. Have they signed that Honduran left back yet? I hear they desperately need full backs as they have only signed 3 so far this summer.
  4. Yeah ok why say something intelligent when you can hide behind a smiley? Off to the pub. Enjoy yourself!
  5. I'm hardly a fan of the mods. Myself n Papaguy in particular rarely see eye-to-eye. You don't matter coz I've seen you post a whole manner of shite on varying threads. All I'll say about you is you're consistent in that you give your tuppence worth in just about every thread. Here's to you, you're opinions and you're lack of a life.
  6. Mmmm perhaps it's the guy me n KPL were having a go at. You're like a teenage girl ... it's not all abt you sunshine. No wonder everyone on here thinks you're a cunt. The ones that matter anyway.
  7. I wasn't talking abt either of you. And I also think Given is a top notch keeper so keep your gob shut when you don't know what you're on about mate.
  8. Just looking at the Spurs and City bench highlights the financial difference between the SPL n EPL.
  9. Haha the intelligent response you would expect from a cross-eyed, kiddy-fiddling, giro-collecting rabid vermin of the scum follower.
  10. Bale has been outstanding. Whipped in some fantastic crosses and so unlucky to hit the post.
  11. 0-0 City getting roasted first 25mins but coming more into it now.
  12. Made 4 top drawer saves Ian. City settling into it now.
  13. Hardly their fault that the bigot is claiming to be after two of their unwanted players in a bid to sell season tckets.
  14. BBC website says Given will start for City. Unlucky Lemon!
  15. Exactly. They want Given same as they wanted Keane, Campbell, Bullard and Bellamy!
  16. No chance though I wouldn't be too upset if he went there. He'd need to have the season of his life playing behind Loovens and co.
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