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  1. Genuinely never heard anyone say a bad word about 4lads before. What you got against him?
  2. I was in Modern Studies one day....think we were in 4th year at the time. The teacher left the class for a minute and this guy, let's call him Andy (coz that's his name) pulled out a rocket from his school bag and proceeded to pretend to light it. Anyways after four or five goes he did accidentally light it - I'll never forget the look of sheer horror and panic on his face. Everyone dived for cover under the desks and the noise was deafening as it went off and set fire to this burd's school bag. The teachers all came running in and the class tried to claim someone had fired it in the window f
  3. cool dude but are you a wicked dude lol

  4. I really don't think scrawling "wee wur pyoor cheated so wee wir" in crayon on a used betting slip can really be classed as "letter writing" mate.
  5. I just let a nasty, silent fart go just as a really tidy burd that I would like a shot of decided to come over for a chat.
  6. My fave Lennon quote on a night when his team lost 3 (yes that's three ) -0: "Our goalkeeper had one save to make in the 92, 93 minutes."
  7. heya gorgeous

  8. Canny whack a sunday socil on the Bow (tu)

  9. Boozing like only a champion can.

  10. Lidl do their own version of Strongbow in the same style of plastic bottles. It's only £1.70 and it's actually better than Strongbow. Cheapskate Loyal.
  11. Have you got Royal or loyalist approval mate? Errr ... do you know who I am???
  12. Just polishing off a 2 litre bottle. Pretty sure my rep must mean I'm at least President of this here loyal.
  13. im clearly getting stalked mate and wtf u talkin to that for?

  14. im making the dinner 2nyte u coming up for it?

  15. haha pure freak!!!

  16. Pure smashing!!!!!!!!

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