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  1. cool dude but are you a wicked dude lol

  2. heya gorgeous

  3. Canny whack a sunday socil on the Bow (tu)

  4. Boozing like only a champion can.

  5. im clearly getting stalked mate and wtf u talkin to that for?

  6. im making the dinner 2nyte u coming up for it?

  7. haha pure freak!!!

  8. Pure smashing!!!!!!!!

  9. then yur all mine :*

  10. iluv yu :*

  11. haha, what can I say, following your lead!

  12. someones got a one track mind at the moment omg

  13. hope yur smiling

  14. hey boo guess who check yur emails lol

  15. get some work done slack!

  16. just to let you know, it wasn't me on my account last night

  17. do i have competition :P

  18. r u missing your style hoes yet? xx

  19. have u pumped her yet Gid? haha

  20. glad you approve of my equipment and techniques :) and you of course will be the perfect patient

  21. well if you prefer i could do that for you n i do have all the equipment i need to do a very good job :P

  22. you would need to undergo a thourough phsical lol

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