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  1. On 02/06/2020 at 14:51, Broxi said:

    That's not enough first team players. 

    I'm sorry but my motto is that the youth are shite until proven otherwise. The fact is we haven't produced a youth player good enough for the first team in a decade, other than MacLeod which was in lower divisions. Ross McCrorie made it into a worse team but can't make it in now. Even Ness and McCabe went on to have nothing careers. 

    Also Patterson is not similar talent wise to Gilmour. They are the same age and Gilmour is established in the Chelsea first team while Patterson has played once against Stranraer.

    is that you Walter? 

  2. Was seeing a catholic girl at the time whose dad was Italian and her mum was from Coatbridge - as bitter tims as you can get.

    My gf's older sister had been at the pub watching the Celtic game. She came home and slammed open the front door, launched her keys across the room onto a small glass table, muttered somthing about me being a dirty orange b****** and stormed upstairs.

    Apparently this was acceptable behaviour from a 24 year-old woman as her parents never said a word to her. Needless to say me and the gf broke up shortly afterwards.

  3. Here's Hitadollymore's IMDB biography, obviously written by himself, really gives you an insight into just how much of a fantasist/cunt he really is.

    "Stan Collymore was regarded by some as one of the most gifted, charismatic and outspoken soccer players of his or any generation. After several high profile, multi-million pound moves in English soccer, and scoring some of the most amazing goals in recent football history, combined with a highly intuitive mind, natural screen charisma and athleticism, he decided to make the break from pro sports, and move into his second love, movies.

    After being quoted as wanting to be "the first black James Bond", in a tongue-in cheek magazine interview, casting agents and directors alike sat up and started taking the Maverick from the Midlands seriously, especially after his 2004 critically acclaimed autobiography, Tackling my Demons saw Collymore as an intelligent, multi-talented phenomenon, rather than the one dimensional character that had seen him grab the front pages of the UK tabloids as often as the back.

    One thing is for certain, it seems that after his movie debut in 2005 alongside Sharon Stone,in the eagerly awaited Basic Instinct 2 sequel, Stan Collymore's talents are as diverse as his persona."


    I saw this film the other week!

    He dies in the opening scene while fingering Sharon Stone who's driving and crashes the car into the river. Clearly the man is too stupid to realise the irony of him taking part in some on-screen car-related sexual antics!

    Pretty sure he doesn't even utter a single line! :pipe:

  4. Thats the problem with a lot of the young players we have been bringing through under Sinclair, McLeod has been pretty much the exception rather than the rule (a good athlete and footballer) but if we look at the other one that has come through and became a first team regular in Fraser Aird you can't argue that he's not an athlete but I would argue he's a very poor footballer.

    We need a philosophy with our youth setup to firstly bring in kids that have the required technical ability then worry about making them athletes rather than the other way around which is our backward mentality. I think if you look at Charlie Adam when we brought him through a very good footballer but a poor athlete, with proper coaching under PLG became a much better athlete but under poor coaching under Walter and Ally he reverted to a poor athlete again.

    Did Walter bring back the Monster Munch to Auchenhowie?

  5. Adam got stick when he spent 50 minutes trying Hollywood passes unsuccessfully when easier, smarter passes were on.

    He simply refused to try a simple pass in a CL qualifier at home one year and was hooked at half time. Every game had to be the Charlie Adam show and, in those circumstances, he was rightly given stick.

    I just want to point out that there's a massive difference imo to giving players stick and booing them.

    I gave Charlie Adam plenty stick at times when it was deserved, as in Pg's example above, but I can never recall him being booed.

  6. Sports Direct is the lowest of the low of sports shops

    JJB middle of the road

    JD Sports the creme de le creme


    How long til Ibrox is called Sports direct Ibrox?

    Fuck you ya dick. Sports Direct is the single most profitable sports retailer in the UK. But if yu consider making money the lowest of the low then I guess yu have a Girodome season ticket behind one of those big fucking pillars so yu can see fuck all ya fat, work-shy peado wanker!

    I feel better now. :pipe:

  7. I wonder who told him to say that?

    Honestly, Celtic have really become a disgrace of a club in recent times. Tommy Burns must be turning in his grave. Disgusting.

    Only way these cunts make the news is by having a pop at us.

    Fuck off and win your Sunday Procession League title ya non-entity fuckwit then sign for some shite like Fulham or Sunderland before being found out as a useless piece of wank and end up playing for some Turkish mob. Prick.

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