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  1. Yes because newspapers get everything right. Honestly mate if you spent half an hour in a newsroom you'd have your eyes wide opened. They know fuck all 90 per cent of the time.
  2. I feel shame. But to be fair you get my point. This forum is always slating (and correctly IMO) newspapers for the bollocks they print, but for some reason everyone is peeing their panties at The Sunday motherfucking Post. I need another fucking drink.
  3. FFS The Sunday Fucking Post???? iI'm surprised it even has a fucking website. For Grannies and Broons readers only.
  4. An average player who does not deserve to be one of the top earners in the squad. Call his bluff and punt him.
  5. Gid

    Safe Standing

    Would love this. Would give the Ibrox atmosphere a massive boost.
  6. Keith Jackson is a grade A cunt. Trying to put a negative slant on a positive story. Surprise surprise.
  7. But Celtic are loaded. They can easy afford Given's wages!
  8. I know the feeling. I miss Glasgow too.
  9. Same Also still have my "championeees" single on vinyl.
  10. Agreed. I don't understand all this bad feeling towards City because they are spending big money. Chelsea and Man Utd have spent big in the past yet no one claims that they "bought" the EPL. Real Madrid spend millions upon millions year after year, bankrolled by the Spanish Royal family and yet the same hypocrytes who slate City for spending big often have a soft spot for Real. You could argue that every team in the EPL spends a fortune on their playing squad - bar maybe Arsenal. City are very much a local club who not so long ago went down to the third teir of English football but still took
  11. Fuck the Daily Record and if you're stupid enough to buy it then you probably can't read anyways. Fucking worthless piece of shite. Anyone who reads it is either a taig or a moron ... more likely both.
  12. Gid

    PC help

    Yeah it keeps flashing up all the time. Everytime I try to type something into a webpage. Makes typing almost impossible. I've temporarily switched to Firefox and its working ok, must be some sort of Chrome bug. Any thoughts?
  13. Gid

    PC help

    Everytime i try to type online this thing flashes on the bottom of my screen. Any idea what it is or how to get rid?
  14. Hope this is true. I'd defo be there.
  15. Wigan would be excellent for me. I don't stay too far away.
  16. Barton would be a car crash up here. Imagine him coping with the demands of being an Old Firm footballer in Glasgow? No chance. He would lose the plot ... if he had it to lose that is.
  17. Used to love him as a player and remember being gutted when he left for Liverpool.
  18. Coz he was caught cheating on his missus who promptly buggered off back to Argentina with the kids.
  19. Robin must have had some bad experiences in Greggs.
  20. He was one of my favourite players back in the day.
  21. I see your point but the day is fast approaching that this might happen regardless through clubs going bust. Personally I think it would be good for Scottish football if some clubs did disappear.
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