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  1. Funnily enough, I've got a United die-hard who sits next to me at work and he said a few weeks ago that he would like to see Fergie sign Adam.
  2. Would love to see Charlie have a shot at a big EPL club. Was never a fan when he was at Ibrox. He was lazy and often looked like we had picked him up from a Sunday league club. Glad to see he's turned things around. He always had talent, he just couldn't be arsed using it much.
  3. I think you're missing the point which is, just because he's a prick doesn't mean he's a rapist.
  4. Not really. WVB heard second hand that you were cunt. Using your logic that means you're a rapist.
  5. Never understood this "fenian blood" slander. Surely if this was what it was meant to represent then it would make more sense for the whole of the sock to be red.
  6. So based on what you've heard "second hand" you want to class him as a rapist. I know plenty of people who are cunts but they don't go about raping women. And in Britain you're innocent until proven guilty. You obviously know jack shit about the boy so let's not convict him on the basis of what you've heard "second hand". Thank fuck you're not a judge you fucking idot.
  7. Your posts are nosediving rapidly.
  8. Had a feeling Utd were gonna win it for a few months. I think Fergie will get the better of Barca, unfortunately.
  9. When he's got Beckham to sign on the dotted line.
  10. I remember that song from when me and my dad used to go to games in the late 80's.
  11. Love the beggars spelling of beggining Oh and btw ... Lemon copied that phrase from Davie Cooper at the end of the 1987 championship winning video! lol
  12. I may be wrong mate but I don't think that would classed as such. As you say though it's a very grey area. The fact that we're even having this discussion proves that.
  13. Doesn't it have to be based on "football related" income only though?
  14. Can't see it. City will have to watch what they spend due to the new UEFA finance rules which kick in soon.
  15. Celebrity Juice is good but he's gash on the Sing If You Can.
  16. Gid


    A bit off topic but it is Umbro related... I was in the Manchester City store the other day and it's full of really smart City training gear. Why don't they produce it for us?
  17. If the charges had been dropped then surely it would have been reported in the media.
  18. So riduculously one-sided. How can this guy possibly earn a living as an unbiased reporter?
  19. Amo was a bombscare. Could be brilliant one minute then sell a goal the next. Not what you want in a centre half and not fit to lace big Davie's boots.
  20. He can wear a mankini if he wants long as the trophies are still in the cabinet!
  21. I agree there's not been as much coverage but the fact there has at least been some, given the current climate, it has forced them to comment.
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