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  1. Agreed. He was dire again and looked shot of all confidence... again!
  2. Bit different in that Spain used it as an attacking formation with runners coming from midfield and Spain having the majority of possession. When Levein did it, it was everyone behind the ball n park the bus.
  3. Agreed mate. They played very well.Liking Di Rossi as the spare man at the back.
  4. I took Italy at 14/1. Think that looks a better outside bet.
  5. All the death and misery in Syria but he somehow makes it all about him. Look at me, look at me! Cunt of the highest order.
  6. Anelka has a,ways been a twat. Wasn't as good as he should have been as his personality let him down.
  7. I work in Edinburgh and am mainly surrounded by Jambos, which is fine. Just before the Scottish Cup semis a Hearts fan was telling me how if Hibs won their semi he'd rather Hearts got beat off the Tims coz he couldn't stand the thought of losing the Cup final to Hibs. Sums Scottish football up really. Wee team mentality. Sad.
  8. Any businessman trying to encourage investors to join would produce such a document. Just because the Daily Rebel have just found out about it doesn't mean it has just been created. Chances are it was created several weeks ago when he was first putting his bid together. I agree though that the jury is still out on him.
  9. I could get hit by a bus tomorrow. I probably won't but it's an option that's open to me.
  10. Ah The Sunday Liam. That bastion of intelligent, non-biased journalism.... oh wait.
  11. yeh I never understood why the black socks were meant to represent being "up to our knees". Surely red socks would make more sense if that was the case. That's Tims for you.
  12. This is a non-starter. They would then surely have to take action against any club that doesn't fulfill or at least take a certain percentage of their away ticket allocation for any given match.
  13. Irony is clearing lost on this cunt.
  14. Daily Record in piss-poor reporting shock. What a scoop!
  15. Always thought he came across as a repugnant little scumbag and that was before I heard him crone on about the bigotry he suffered in the east end of Glasgow. Twat. The abuse he's had from his own fans is a bit on the disgraceful side - especially booing your own team scoring - but he doesn't help himself when he's interviewed. It's almost like he deliberately tries to antagonise the club's supporters. On the other side you've got Wigan managed by a man at the other end of the spectrum imo. Martinez always carries himself well and speaks with dignity and respect. Kean could learn a lot from b
  16. ANyone got an example of when racism goes right?
  17. Hats off to OP. Best post I've read in a long, long time.
  18. Loved the Sky covreage. Neil McCann and Billy Brown oouldn't keep the grin off their faces at full time!
  19. This is truly dire. Where's all this Barca-esque football from Celtic that we're always hearing about?
  20. Basically the English media kissed his ass coz he always gave them a good story. foreign media don't lap up his bullshit quite so much so he takes the huff.
  21. Keep the Europa League but stop 3rd place clubs from the Champions League from dropping into it after the group stages. Only cheapens the competition as some sort of booby-prize.
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