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  1. If we get done for this maybe the Arbroath fans will get picked up for their "h**" chants? Still, moronic behaviour.
  2. That's the best thing I've seen at Ibrox in a long time. Have TBO been moved then since I was a STH before I moved to Manchester?
  3. Probably was a bit of both. Plus if what I hear about his gambling problems are true then maybe he didn't want to go to a higher profile club where this would be big news for the tabloids. Just a thought.
  4. It wasn't a two-footed tackle. His other leg swings round naturally but he only goes for the ball with one foot. Want him to chop his left leg off before his next match? FFS.
  5. Apparently he had chances to move to bigger clubs at various points in his career but either he bottled out of it or chose to stay loyal to Southampton depending on who you believe.
  6. I'm not Boyd's biggest fan but it would be interesting to know how many times he started against the tims. Pretty hard for him to score when his arse is on the bench.
  7. That's a bit of a sweeping generalisation. What you basing that on? You conducted some sort of survey of fans who have taken advantage of this offer and most of them have classified themselves as "tits"?
  8. Have you seen the footage mate? Even if nothing corrupt was going on, the rules were certainly being broken in that the judge was clearly discussing his score card with someone in the crowd.
  9. Yes because every Rangers fan is in their early 20s and has no responsibilities or commitments. Tit!
  10. O'Neil has no chance. Is a great man-manager but is found wanting tactically in Europe. Not even a candidate IMO.
  11. You sir are a complete bell end.
  12. Agreed. Mendes and Thomson were really clicking. Unfortunately Thomson got that injury and missed the rest of the season otherwise they would have gone on to great things.
  13. Gid


    He gets a hardon for moaning about them, KPL.
  14. Coca Cola? FFS Booler man up and get a proper drink ... Irn Bru!
  15. You get the pitchforks Manti and I'll get the torches!
  16. SWOS was amazing on the Amiga and PC but utter gash when they brought it out on consoles. They changed the control element of it so that the ball stuck to your feet which ruined the game. Does anyone remember Emlyn Hughes Football on the Spectrum? That was the first football game I loved.
  17. I genuinely do not believe that Hansen was meaning to cause offense. The guy has made an honest mistake so get off his back. If people in this country got on with their lives rather than trying to find something to be offended by then it would be a far better place.
  18. No but I do get the impression it's mischief making from TLB. I find it hard to believe that Kris Boyd, after more than a year of barely playing, would have the will to get himself to a good level of fitness and be a major threat again in the SPL.
  19. I agree mate there's something really unlikable about him. I don't know how true this is but I've read that Kean's agent was involved in the Venky's takeover.
  20. He's just gonna have a steak for his xmas dinner, instead.
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