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  1. I agree mate there's something really unlikable about him. I don't know how true this is but I've read that Kean's agent was involved in the Venky's takeover.
  2. He's just gonna have a steak for his xmas dinner, instead.
  3. No one measures up to Colin!
  4. I really agree but why are you so desperate to be one? Do you just want to be as cool as Colin?
  5. Why do you have a hardon for becoming a mod?
  6. Yes the hype that the team that destroyed the current champions and their biggest rivals 6-1 away from home, and also Spurs (top 4 material) 5-1 in London was way over the top!You serious yu fucking clown?
  7. Not much difficult about it mate. You think Carrick is somehow good enough to grace the Barca squad yet most Man Utd fans, a team Barca tanked a few months ago, don't think he should even be in THEIR squad.
  8. Agree. A few years ago he looked the part but I think he's now living off that reputation without reaching that same high standard.
  9. Really? Guys like Keita and Thiago can't get into the first 11 but you think Carrick would be a useful squad player?
  10. I fear for Hearts. Can see this Romanov looney pulling the plug.
  11. It takes one to know one. *this is clearly a joke Mr Salmond*
  12. I don't get the hatred of City. It's just jealousy. I've a soft spot for City since my missus is a Manc and a City fan and I live down here. They are a good, honest club and tbf their owners seem more interested than the likes of Abramovich. They are building footabll academies as well as spending millions on the local area facilities. How can this be a bad thing? The likes of Utd have spend millions upon millions in the past on players but because they have brought through the odd one of their own people forget this. Utd are millions in debt despite only becoming as big as they are because
  13. Ok so they can play on Saturday lunchtime after their next (and last) Europa League game then. Stupid bastard. Must be running out of things to complain about. Though if I was him I'd be writing a strongly worded letter to my dentist!
  14. Badger is spot on. It's all about reading the game. You don't need to be quick because you can anticipate where the ball is going and can get there before the fastest guy on the pitch. Players who are good at this ... the Makelele's, Busquets' and Bob Malcolms of this world ... are vastly underrated.
  15. And you can't be sued for telling the truth.
  16. I'm not knocking him at all Minstral. In fact I've really enjoyed some of his other blogs and sometimes he is bang on the money. What I don't like is this kind of speculation blog. He's a journalist and therefore should present us with hard facts rather than merely hinting at what could be going on.
  17. Perhaps, but rather than merely hinting at what mightbe going on, Leggo could do a bit of investigation then come out and tell us exactly what is going on.
  18. I agree. I don't like this kind of speculation however Regan, by refusing to answer simple questions, is only adding fuel to the fire.
  19. Without having seen either incident, it does raise the question: "Why would Aluko dive in an attempt to win a penalty when he was already genuinely brought down and denied a clear penalty?"
  20. Everyone shut the fuck up and compose yourselves. A few posts down he says Thierry Henry is heading for the Girodome
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