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  1. I fear for Hearts. Romanov has clearly lost interest in them and I could see him pulling the plug.
  2. No I'm sorry but no. This is the only fucking country in the world that would allow you to sing songs glorifying an illegal terrorist organisation that murdered innocent natives of that country and let you away with it. They can lie in the bed they made.
  3. Could someone copy and paste the article? My work internet is blocking that site.
  4. In my experience this is true. Since I moved to Manchester just over a year ago, I've had conversations with a few people about the tims IRA ditties and they were shocked to hear about it. It's not all that surprising that this is the case though. I mean if the Scottish mhedia largely ignore it, then it certainly isn't going to be reported down south therefore most people here are unaware of it.
  5. I'm ashamed to say I was a little pleased when I read that Jig was injured.
  6. Because being workshy and lazy tends to get in the way of said players producing the goods on a regular basis. If I was workshy and lazy I dare say my employers would have me out on my ear within days. Why should The Rangers expect less?
  7. That's what I loved about Super. When he scored an important goal he always looked as if it meant as much to him as it did to all the fans. That Hibs goal, the Leeds goal that's been mentioned and the one against the tims in the cup after Davie Robertson had been sent off - I mean he's looks as if he's in tears after that goal - are all good examples.
  8. I can honestly say he's been the finest footballer I've ever seen and I was saying that years ago even in the days when Iniesta was a Rikaard token substitution. The guy could pass the ball on a pin head from 100 yards. I've always been a fan of a good passer and there's not been a better one than Xavi.
  9. True and Messi is something else. But Xavi is the best passer of the ball I've ever seen by a mile. An absolute god and I don't think he'll be fully appreciated till he's gone.
  10. No one else curious why the fuck Wenger is quoted when everyone and his maw know they've needed a centre half and Parker-esque centre mid for years???? Right enough it's only several years since he won anything. As far as I'm concerned Xavi is the greatest footballer I'ver ever seen. He's the heartbeat of Barca and everything they do is through him.
  11. Lay off Charlie. He's te best left-back/centre half that Strachan didn't rate.
  12. Was a bit sick mate but tbh you'd only think so if you were a father yourself. Give the guy a break.
  13. What ginger minge fanfic? Na mate I'm a brunette man. We all have our regrets in life and Jo was mine.
  14. Gid

    Thomas buffel

    Alan Hansen's nickname was "Elegant Alan Hansen" ... didn't stop him from tackling Willie Miller on the half way line and almost single handedly knocking Scotland out of the 1982 World Cup. This was before my time btw but I've seen the clip.
  15. Best thing was her dad lived literally round the corner from Ibrox and he was a taxi driver so if you ever needed a lift home from Ibrox it was a case of ... "oh Jo, where's yer da?" lol
  16. I think I've only ever made one Catastro-fuck in my life ... and her name was Joanne. A beautiful, albeit ginger, slim burd with firm, pointy-upwards tits and a softly mown minge that you'd never tire sookin. Anyways, I fucked her about so my loss aka a Catastro-fuck. Love it mate
  17. Is this a Lennon-specific term coz that could make the new Oxford? Catastro-fuck: see Neil Lennon
  18. My fave thing about Lennon is his insistence in playing Mulgrew, a shite left back, at centre half while those two are out doing well at other clubs. We are all Neil Lennon - unless you're a tim that is.
  19. Gid

    Thomas buffel

    Interestingly I remember Gers fans at the time abusing Eck for playing him left mid as his apparent best position was just off the front man. Funnily enough though I noticed in the build up to the Chelsea game he was described in "The i" as a left winger = so maybe his current manager thinks he's best there too. Still no one knows better than your average RM mod.
  20. Gid

    Thomas buffel

    One of those players who became better in the fans' eyes the less he played. Hello Danny!
  21. I never understood that argument anyways. Surely if the socks were meant to represent being up to our knees in blood then it would make more sense if the socks were all red rather than black with red tops? Just a thought.
  22. I understand your point mate but goalkeepers are different. A goalkeeper making basic errors that causes a goal is far more worrying than an outfield player. He deserves criticism. Don't get me wrong, I love Greggsy, but it is important that he keeps his concentration in check. The Goalie used to say that being The Rangers goalkeeper was mainly about concentration. You can be inactive for 89 minutes then need to make a save. McGregor needs to ensure that he is focussed as these basic errors can't continue. I hope Ally and co have a word.
  23. Why are some people so quick to defend McGregor yet when a player in another position makes an error which leads to a goal (Whittaker, Broadfoot etc) they demand they are dropped. I don't want to see McGregor lose his spot in the team but after those two howlers he defnitely needs a word in his ear from Coisty, even a warning, that if he doesn't buck up his ideas and maintain his concentration then Alexander will be taking his place. Good man management is needed here.
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