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  1. I'm sorry I didn't realise my post would be read by morons. What I was saying is that being fast does not make you a world class fooballer. Being an amazing passer of the ball however does. Understand yet, dipshit?
  2. Not really. You can't compare those skills as equally important. Usain Bolt is fast but it doesn't make him a top class footballer.
  3. You're either a tim or on something. FFS I nearly peed myself laughing.
  4. According to local reports he spent Sunday afternoon driving around Manchester city centre in his Bentley convertable with the top down, music blaring and was hi-fiving city fans as he drove past. Fucking legend.
  5. Balotelli is expected to start this one - possibly Milner too who has hit a bit of form. Wouldn't be surprised if Utd sneak it. Come on City!
  6. McCoist has already come out and said that he told Lennon to keep away from his players (or words to that effect - can't remember the exact quote) after TLB's blatant attempt to noise up Dioufy.
  7. Goian would just need to look at him and he'll be out for six months.
  8. This is a new low for RM.
  9. Good old Alex. He's not one to hold a grudge ... well not for longer than 7 years anyways.
  10. He plays in the Premiership and is therefore given extra hype.
  11. The Webster clause doesn't apply. I'm sure you have to be 26/28 for that.
  12. Go to Nike every year and say "Right, we want this seasons away strip to be even uglier than last year's"? I mean WTF. Between that and the yellow thing I've seen some tramps kicking about in. Ugly doesn't do it justice. Nike strips are generally smart but they've had some right stinkers.
  13. Chance to go see a Top drawer team at Ibrox on a Saturday afternoon vs seeing a shitey Swedish mob outplay us on a Tuesday night. Not hard to understand FFS
  14. Not at all mate. It would be the best thing to happen to Scottish football in decades.
  15. Gid

    John Fleck

    We would need to get a couple new signings in before we could even consider loaning him out. We simply don't have the depth of squad.
  16. Bring back The Bears Pakora!
  17. .... plastered across the front page of BBC.co.uk? Wasn't aware the vermin were playing today.
  18. From clips I've seen of him from his Youth team days, yes. But he hasn't shown anywhere near that kind of form for the first team. Hutton or Wylde might not have looked as good as Fleck in their younger days but it's what you do when you get your chance in the first team that counts.
  19. I'm not sure what the OP is basing this on unless he just has a hunch that Fleck is about to come good. As far as I can tell Fleck has shown no real signs of coming good, nor has he shown the type of attitude that suggests he will fight for a first team place.
  20. Completely disagree. Think it makes for an amazing atmosphere. One of my fave moments at Ibrox in recent years was during Walter's first Old Firm game back at Ibrox after his return. We won 2-0 I think and half the Stadium sang Big Jock Knew for about 20mins (Charlie Adam scored in-between) whilst the tims just sat silent in total bemusement.
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