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  1. Well done to those involved. Good tune, great atmosphere and no one can complain.
  2. It's a conspiracy! Europeans showing their anti-Irish racist tendencies again!
  3. How does this little ginger cretin continue to get away with spouting lie after lie to anyone that will listen?
  4. Thankfully, barring some bizarre mass of injuries, I really don't see us ever lining up in an SPL match with Weir and Captain Kirk in the centre of defence.
  5. To be fair, Australia was originally a colony where we sent our criminals so I can understand why it's full of taigs.
  6. Could someone summarise what this says as it won't display on my work pc.
  7. I hope Rangers pick this up and demand a retraction from Sky Sports. If they do then this kid's career is practically over before it begins. He won't be trusted again - by Sky anyways.
  8. Looks like just a young freelancer trying to make himself known amongst the national news editors at Rangers expense. Prick.
  9. I never saw the report myself this morning, but it was definitely on the scrolling ticker along the bottom of the screen.
  10. I remember Chris Woods missing a penalty - in a European game at Ibrox iirc - but don't remember any keeper scoring.
  11. The mods are funny as fuck mate. The admin forum must be a pure laugh so it must.
  12. Correct but there's a time and a place when to try it and when to go for the easy ball. What makes a great playmaker great, is that they know when to try the defence-splitting pass and when to keep hold of the ball. Adam's decision making can be poor.
  13. Here are more, Often looked off the pace and disinterested. Gave the ball away with shocking regularity. Often attempted a Hollywood pass when a simpler option was available. Didn't appear to have the correct attitude on or off the park. Was mentioned as being one of the Monster Munchers. I don't doubt that if he had started his career as a Liverpool youngster, they would probably have punted him had he performed as he did at Ibrox.
  14. I'm sorry but I really don't think we did "slip up" by getting rid of Charlie. At the time it was best for both us and him to part company. For whatever reason, Charlie just did not cut the mustard at Ibrox. He has bags of ability, no-one can deny that, but he just didn't produce the goods often enough. I really hope he does well at Liverpool. Good luck to him.
  15. I popped into the Man City store the other day. They are also kitted out by Umbro and all their training gear is always very smart. About time we got some good gear too.
  16. For me this statement coming from a Rangers source, is better than any signing. I swear I jizzed a little as I read it.
  17. The Monster Munch at Murray Park will sort that.
  18. I agree but it's tough for anyone to look like a good defender playing for Arsenal. Will be interesting to see how he fares in a more solid backline.
  19. Yeah he needs to take a look at the man in the mirror and realise how stupid he is acting.
  20. First there was the statue, then there was the product range. What a joke of a club. http://shop.fulhamfc.com/retailprods.aspx?cat=139&h=56
  21. Next person to say "He'd score for fun up here" should be b7
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