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  1. Gid liked a post in a topic by gmcf in Squad Ins and Outs Discussion   
    We need a winner in the middle of the park that doesnt mess about - someone of the ilk of Kevin Thomson or an Ian Ferguson . 
  2. Gid liked a post in a topic by RangersScotty9 in The Pedro Caixinha Thread   
    We did make them look better than what they are, it's just the truth, Rangers were diabolical, it came of no surprise why celtic beat Rangers 5-1 first old firm game of the season, it was painfully clear Rangers were not ready to compete against an average at best celtic team. They're not as good as you're making them out to be, they're average at best. Whilst celtic are decent up front, at the back they're a shambles, so why were Rangers gubbed on several occasions?

    Simple, because Rangers were diabolical in defence, midfield and up front. The defence on the most part was left down to Clint Hill and with a midfield who could not support in the defensive side of the game and kept giving the ball away outside our own box it was no wonder teams punished us time and time again. Players like Cardoso, Alves and Jack have brought back Rangers standard of player, not a Halliday who collects the ball and embarrassingly loses it outside his own box for Jamie Walker to bang it in from 25 to 30 yards out.

    The defence were woeful and it cost us too many points, as was the midfield, so it didn't help that when Rangers could not create in the final third that Rangers ended up in the position they were in and why celtic were made to look something greater than what they are. If you're not going to defend and pass properly in your own half, you can forget about winning or drawing games. Rangers made teams like Hearts look spectacular, so yes Rangers did make celtic look better than what they actually are.
  3. leanne73 liked a post in a topic by Gid in X Factor   
    Robbie Williams is a cunt.
  4. Rfc52 liked a post in a topic by Gid in * The Generic Laugh at celtc Thread *   
    I really don't think scrawling "wee wur pyoor cheated so wee wir" in crayon on a used betting slip can really be classed as "letter writing" mate.
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