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  1. Staying at the Park Inn which is right next to it
  2. Buying tickets in advance for the train?
  3. Right troops what's the best way currently to get from Berlin to Leipzig and back and where's the Berlin piss up on Saturday night????
  4. Managed to get one thanks for the reply
  5. Spotify is staunch as fuck these days Amazing
  6. The boy is special , and those 2 goals take him up another level completely. Theres not many if any other young players in Britain doing that just now. Sign him up long term and let's make sure we get another couple of year out of him
  7. Firstly adjusting to the Rangers style of football could take a while for any player , it's not something players are used to, nor can it be perfected overnight Secondly did the lad not destroy us straight through the middle, and now he's posted on the wing?
  8. We've had a generous bid of 150 for it
  9. Hi guys this signed top is being auctioned by Strathclyde students in aid of the Glasgow Children's Hospital Charity. If anyone is interested feel free to message me or reply straight to the Facebook page. Cheers!
  10. Lewis Macleod is a better player than anyone currently at the club Comparing him to the likes of Holt is a joke Would take him in a heartbeat, all being well fitness wise
  11. Someone get this cunt to fuck Knew there was a funny smell
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