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  1. Nice to see wrestling thread still takes pride of place in OT
  2. AC have walked away from the Kaka deal due to tax issues
  3. Done some sprints today instead of just going for a jog, going to try and do that once or twice a week
  4. Whos ever going to just lift a bar up and down?
  5. Pretty well 1 Zlatan Ibrahimovic AC Milan 28 2 Diego Milito Internazionale 24 3 Antonio Di Natale Udinese 23 Edinson Cavani Napoli 23 5 Rodrigo Palacio Genoa 19 Considering his team nearly got relegated
  6. Cardio even if its walking then jogging is a must Keep your weights low with high repetitions. Have a look at this stuff http://www.menshealth.com/workout-center/workouts/583
  7. Monkeyheid would be doing a better job than Ranieri is now Never seen an implosion like it.
  8. Had a bit of Taylor 11/1, actually thought he was going to do it for a minute
  9. http://postimage.org/image/ao6othx7b/#codes Fell for that one above as well
  10. Cracker, Lazio's formation has the game wide open
  11. Got F1 2011 off play.com for 17 quid, its still 40 in Game
  12. 4 run in 5 days, had to dig that one out Determined to get down to 12st something ASAP
  13. 3rd run in 4 days , done just over 6.5 mile today Feels good to be back on it
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