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  1. A bunch of obvious sock account comments of a similar template on the Rangers twitter feed, all posing as fans of other teams and claiming that were looking to support Rangers but found us not to their liking for whatever reason. Some of their fans behave more like activists than fans as we know it; sad, twisted and obsessed.
  2. Mind one of his phone numbers got posted somewhere, and one of our fans called to have a go at him. He admitted to having 'hundreds of phones', or something, which he presumably needs in order to circumvent all the bannings from radio phone-ins. He's not just obsessed; he's deranged and utterly consumed.
  3. Useful for saving ammo. I used to play RE2 back in the day with no idea you could sneak past them, just got stuck in with the shotgun.
  4. So do the lickers still react only to running, gunshots and noisy footsteps in the remake?
  5. He'll inevitably be most remembered for the indulgence of Eruption, but the great thing about Eddie was he brought the same creativity to his rhythm playing. For the most part he played for the song, but could do so with flare and style. RIP.
  6. Looks like it needs the extra time, if that eight-minute demo is anything to go by.
  7. Just the one, plus some of the slightly smaller hills. Had been planning to do a few more after the lockdown restrictions eased, but bowel disease has pretty much killed off any hopes of doing mountains this year.
  8. We did fuck all during the referee's strike and and now the officials walk the path of least resistance. It will take equal leverage to restore parity; I doubt the board have the guts for it.
  9. I was a latecomer to the MCC, they probably fixed it by the time I got around to playing it - didn't realise it was that fucked upon release. What concerns me the most is how little we've actually seen of Infinite, but maybe MS are just trying to keep their powder dry for the Series X presentations with it being a flagship title. Guess we'll see how things are looking on the 23rd.
  10. The gameplay of Halo 5 was good, and the multiplayer is said to be spot on, but the campaign was utterly forgettable. If they can address that crucial shortcoming then it will be a winner; if not then the series will be in trouble and MS might want to consider making some changes at 343 Industries. In any case, if it's on Gamepass then I'll be checking it out.
  11. Supposedly Purple Aki the Northwest Gym Pest liked to bet people that they couldn't fit through a tight gap like that one, and then bummed them when they got stuck.
  12. Their's will look minging regardless, and they'll probably squander the opportunity to have a decent away kit by opting for some hideous eye-sore like the bumblebee kit.
  13. I vaguely recall there was a bit of a narrative being pushed by the mhedia that we were going to slip up on the day and celtic would steamroller their opponents, almost as if they were trying to will it into reality. They may have played an unwitting role by planting the expectation amongst a support who have always enjoyed huffing their own farts.
  14. My fucking toilet has broken and the repair office is closed for the weekend. Luckily I am able to bypass the broken handle and activate the flush mechanism, otherwise I'd be looking at at least two days worth of turds piling up in the bowl, or doing stealthy dumps in the woods.
  15. One thing to watch for is it seems to be a different experience on laptops than it is on tablets and other devices; I normally use it on the laptop when possible as it seems to be more user-friendly.
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