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  1. The wee skank will probably wait till he's squandered his last paycheque and then dump him.
  2. He's a horrible teflon bastard to whom nothing seems to stick. Won't be the last time he's in the headlines as he clearly has impulse control issues, but at least people are alert to what he is now.
  3. When they get to day number 111 they can put Bobby Sands in the middle.
  4. I'm beginning to wonder if they actually ever saw it as a problem, and actually considered it to be acceptable practice.
  5. IIRC they like to report transfers as being 'a deal worth 18m', i.e. including the player's wages, etc. I've not read the article in question so no idea if that is the case here.
  6. Is there any other club in existence that is such a nexus for collective fart-sniffing and absurd fantasies?
  7. Predictable sour grapes from them. Bet the same ones talking about dodged bullets would have been wanking themselves silly over Howe had he actually gone and signed, unless any of them had been warning in advance?
  8. It's amazing how many people think that if we just play nice then we won't be vilified, marginalised and slandered by a partisan media. The hurdle we face as a support is the understanding that the goal of our adversaries is not to create a nice safe playground for everyone, but what they seek is a Scotland entirely devoid of us.
  9. So this person is convinced that Kudela felt the need to lean in and whisper "you fucking guy" to Glen? Imagine being so twisted over another club that you're prepared to swallow such a load of obvious shite.
  10. Hope we pursue it all the way and don't settle behind the scenes. Cunts need tarred and feathered.
  11. Did they not give free tours of The Piggery to their hooligans? If so then they're in an awkward position to be giving it holier than thou.
  12. Knew there would be a narrative to pin this on us. I don't recall seeing any violent sentiment towards Lawwell from our support, in spite of him not being liked. I do however vividly remember 'shoot the board' and other murderous sentiments daubed on bedsheet banners and hung around the piggery by celtic fans when their season started coming apart at the seams. Edit: Just seen the posts above.
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