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  1. Oh well, at least the huggie-tuggers will be demoralised by the fact they're too shite to capitalise on a rare slip-up by us. Need to sort out these shite performances though.
  2. Yeah, their hatred of us probably complicates matters. It already takes a problem this fucked up and serious to even turn their heads in the first place.
  3. Looks like a fucking toby jug.
  4. They're probably trying to fortify squad morale.
  5. His bitter obsession is very creepy; I bet he keeps voodoo dolls of our players and coaching staff.
  6. Sickening seeing former players trying to rim-job their way through the mhanky media.
  7. Played the whole campaign on Xbox, it's pretty much what you'd expect from an Ace Combat title.
  8. Was there much in the way of texture loading problems and potato-people NPCs happening after the patch? That's the kind of stuff as well as sub-par frame rates that would put me off playing it.
  9. The guys at Digital Foundry aren't confident that it can be patched to a satisfactory degree on the old hardware, but I'm hoping that it can at least be stabilised on the One X and PS4 Pro, maybe keep the frame-rate somewhere around the 30-mark. If not then I'll probably give it a miss until I upgrade to a next-gen system.
  10. rossDas


    Their clubs were held to ransom during the game's greatest hour of need in order to divert tainted silverware to Torbett Towers, and they did fuck-all about it. If they can't wake up and smell the tims after that scandal then what will it take?
  11. They tried to pass the whole disturbance with the shark barrier off as a 'gathering' until Nonce FC released their statement. Thank god I came to my senses and stopped funding them.
  12. Rumours that celtic are looking to redevelop their home dugout ahead of fans returning to the stands.
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