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  1. Exactly. This isn't about them wanting the right decisions - it's about them wanting all the decisions to go their way.
  2. Whoever sanctioned that statement is completely out of their gourd. "Yeah guys, UEFA and the global press will totally be fooled by our gaslighting and phoney victim narrative." It's surreal, all they had to do was show a bit of embarrassment, but instead have sided with a bunch of lowlifes.
  3. Surely they must realise that any investigation is unlikely to be derailed by their weak attempt at role reversal and that their lack of contrition will be noted, particularly with this being overshadowed by their previous.
  4. Commentator unironically has "absolutely no idea" where six minutes came from, despite repeatedly chuckling at their time wasting antics. Absolute helmet.
  5. They must be equally good at slobbing the ref's knob, because these have been obvious dives, right in front of the officials.
  6. I love the poetic justice of the DR running an 'uhhrrmuhgawwrrd' piece about Protestant/Unionist bigotry, yet end up not only being exposed as massive hypocrites but also getting their name trashed far and wide by someone whose origins lie on the opposite side of that divide, and all because they targeted him with a similar witch hunt for their own gain. Get it right up yees, you festering maggots in the carcass of decency.
  7. Cunts pretending that they don't know the difference between whataboutery and 'live by the sword, die by the sword'.
  8. Their side doesn't want to end sectarianism, or any other kind of 'ism', they want a monopoly on it.
  9. These people pretend to have moral standards, but it's evident that they just see it as a political assassination tool, and as a vehicle for holier than thou preening.
  10. I expect you're right, but our fans on social media can hound the hypocrites and make life awkward for them. At the very least they'll be up to their tits trying to block people while expending time and energy fighting to control the narrative. Give them hell.
  11. It wouldn't surprise me if one of the filth supporters did it pro bono, they really are that sad and obsessed. I recall one of their deranged fans openly admitting that he was trying to count the number of vacant seats in Ibrox on match day while watching the game on TV in a miserable attempt to catch us in the act of falsifying attendance figures. Imagine being that guy.
  12. Cheers guys. After the start to the season I'd have taken any win, but from a morale perspective it's good to set the tone for these sort of games.
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