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  1. rossDas

    Xbox Series X

    Yeah, the Series S is designed with 1080p in mind instead of 4K, so it's less powerful than the Series X. It's a budget next-gen machine, basically, with the caveat of being digital only.
  2. Yet they couldn't wait to take to the field and get the league wrapped up after Tommy Burns died; shameless scum bastards.
  3. rossDas

    Xbox Series X

    Gamepass is basically like Netflix or Amazon Prime. You don't own the games, and titles drop in and out of the line-up on a month-to-month basis. There are additional perks as well, such as discounts on digital games in the Xbox store. I've found it to be good value, and it will only get better with the new studio acquisitions. I've also found it to be great for trying out AA titles that you might not normally want to spend money on.
  4. Twenty-three replies = Livi goal, lol.
  5. rossDas

    Xbox Series X

    I did see a couple of Series S units in Tesco this evening, but predictably there was no sign that the Series X had even been on the shelf. I might have been tempted by the Series S if it had a disc drive, but as great as Game Pass Ultimate is I'm not ready to go fully digital yet.
  6. Don't travel unnecessarily during a pandemic. Children understand it. Dogs understand it. Single-cell organisms understand it, yet treacle teeth seems to think he can gaslight the entire planet on this.
  7. Oh well, at least the huggie-tuggers will be demoralised by the fact they're too shite to capitalise on a rare slip-up by us. Need to sort out these shite performances though.
  8. Yeah, their hatred of us probably complicates matters. It already takes a problem this fucked up and serious to even turn their heads in the first place.
  9. Looks like a fucking toby jug.
  10. They're probably trying to fortify squad morale.
  11. His bitter obsession is very creepy; I bet he keeps voodoo dolls of our players and coaching staff.
  12. Sickening seeing former players trying to rim-job their way through the mhanky media.
  13. Played the whole campaign on Xbox, it's pretty much what you'd expect from an Ace Combat title.
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