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  1. Either we just have no luck with injuries or we are over doing it in training. Can’t go a week without a different player being lost to injury. Starting to raise a few questions.
  2. There was genuinely no complaints about the new rules until Rangers benefitted from them. How predictable
  3. Yeah Gala still have quality but we are in with a great chance . Like you said I think Leverkusen were a class above . That was his only European loss at Ibrox yeah
  4. Kamara one on replay looks dodgy. In real time it just looked like a shoulder nudge which is what the officials must have seen too. Wait for the media to go and run with that decision.
  5. Amazing how comfortable a game can be for us when a referee does his job correctly.
  6. Mcgregor for me. But we have 2 cracking goalies that are better than any other keeper in the league.
  7. Did we not sign Ryan Jack to be this aggressive kind of midfield player, then after his 3 or 4 red cards in his first season, despite getting something like 2 in 10 years at Aberdeen, we realised you don’t get away with anything in a Rangers jersey.
  8. Whilst I agree neither were fouls , Morelos one was much less an infringement that this. Alfie’s hands literally brushed the defenders back for that one, just enough for the defender to feel it and dramatically contort his body in mid air to buy a foul 😂
  9. Unlike our ex manager and ex captain in the media , he isn’t scared to back us up and has no interest in craving tarrier approval
  10. So unless we have a totally flawless performance, then any incorrect refereeing decision is deserved ?
  11. Ofcourse Goldson makes a mistake , but I have no idea how that then justifies an offside goal being allowed.
  12. If it was celtic today with that performance , and with the hibs goal getting disallowed, everyone would be saying it’s a grinded out win and thats what champions do.
  13. Ofcourse not , if Goldson punts that clearance and it’s ends up with alfie who slots away , but incorrectly gets flagged off, are our players still at fault for not doing enough to win 🤷‍♂️ All hypothetical.
  14. I totally get what you’re saying here , but the way I look at it, if it was Morelos on Porteous and Goldson with that elbow, then I think Rangers would be down to 9 men before half time. It’s been obvious for a while now our players are punished differently.
  15. Hypothetical question here. If we went on to put the ball in the net twice and both got disallowed Incorrectly for nothing, is it still the players fault for not getting the 3 points or are you allowed to blame the ref? For what it’s worth I couldn’t see much wrong when alfie put the ball in the net at the end.
  16. I’m honestly sick of talking about refs but it just keeps happening and we always just accept it take it right up the arse. I’ll always look at our performance first but the points swing constantly going in their favour purely down to incorrect decisions against us and for them is very significant.
  17. I don’t see how it’s not a foul on Morelos at the end. He actually gets fouled twice. Porteous moves his body to make contact with Morelos who is going by him. No wonder he gets frustrated.
  18. Our biggest test so far domestically , but an even bigger test for them. They are decent but really we are capable of running over the top of them. Down to what Rangers team turns up on the day. Alfie should start imo.
  19. I do get that , but I don’t remember us having the same level of hype for either. Especially when we signed them permanently and not on a 2 million pound loan deal 😂
  20. The hype around this signing is confusing me. You would think they had signed Sergio Ramos and not a Brighton reserve player. Is he really that good or is it purely cos he tweeted up the ra once ?
  21. We simply won’t get feee kicks outside the box like that with Clancy
  22. Bearing in mind it’s Clancy too tomorrow. If we are struggling to get it over the line and one of our players get fouled in the box, no chance we are getting it.
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