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  1. Barrie McKay is the leak...funny how he all of a sudden wants to stay. Get the enigma out of our club. mole
  2. McKay is the one that leaked the team before an Old-Firm game, was fined 2 weeks wages by the club. Mole
  3. A player who isn't dreadful but nowhere near the standard expected at Rangers. He plays up to the fans by kissing the badge and so many pander to it.
  4. Face value of ticket price and for collection in Glasgow as soon as possible. First come, first serve.
  5. You can pay £7 to turn up on the day, over 18 league games that's £126. That's a long way to make up to the £250 for this season
  6. I didn't. I would have if it had stayed the same but after last seasons mess at FT, every week, I decided against it.
  7. I went to the ticket office today to renew my pass for the Albion, price is up 25% from £200 to £250, they say it's due to us now being in the Premiership. Whether you agree with the increase or not, it will be interesting to see if they raise the "pay on the day" of £7, surely the shambles of a system they have in place doesn't merit the rise?! Incompetent stewards and a exit system that has no real method which causes so much anger on match day, things have to change!
  8. For once, I agree with you. I've also heard he no longer plans to invest and his "backers" are backing off....hence no to repaying the $5m loan to Ashley. We're back to daily press conferences orchestrated by Jim Traynor and his new PR firm...which also includes the ex press liaison guy, who has found his way back. Lambias' mutterings before he left seem to becoming true...
  9. I have shares through RST, how do I arrange to proxy them? Thanks
  10. Would this be suggested if Davie Weir wasn't involved? Whilst I love the man and what he contributed to us, i've have had more than enough "jobs for the boys" to last me a good few years. We need people in charge who will think outside the box and not just target guys who have played for us or are "Rangers men".
  11. Of them all McKay, McAusland, Gasparotto and Stoney are the ones I think could make an impact. McAusland has scored 4 with 6 assists from centre mid at Brechin. Never rated McKay but i'd take him over Smith at left mid.
  12. Couldn't agree more, he and his cronies are septic. They are not liked by the players and, as with the first team, they only train....they are not coached. This is a huge problem. People cry for McCoist's head for not bringing through youth when we went to League 2, the truth is the level of player was/is very very poor.
  13. Junior did well and is every bit as good, if not better, than Hardie when it comes to scoring goals. Young Liam Burt and Sam Jamieson also did well considering playing against older players. Robbie is decent but has a mistake in him, as show yesterday. No doubt he's good for his age but there's a long way before we see him near the first team.
  14. I don't think there's be a post already so thought i'd update on a game at MP today. The Rangers team was mainly U17 & U18's with two U19's and the bench mainly made up of U16's. Thistle's looked similar with a much older lad up front in the first half. Rangers won the game 3-2 thanks to a Junior Ogen hat-trick...starting team below. Robbie McCrorie (GK) Jordan Hamill David Brownlie Greg Pascazio Ross McCrorie Kris Gibson Adam Wilson Josh Jeffries Junior Ogen Lewis White Ross Lyon
  15. "where's Faure" has to catch on...what a song that would be. Starting Saturday....
  16. Jack Hamilton was untried going into an Edinburgh derby and was fantastic. I see your point but this is just ludicrous.
  17. He did the same a few years ago at U19 level. Rangers needed to beat Hibs at MP to win the league in the last game of the season...we got a penalty with the last kick of the ball, ex player Ally Park got sent off. Naismith would't give the ball to the usual taker, Kane Hemmings, tried something fancy and put it over the bar, costing us the league. In short, a bang average player with a huge ego.
  18. MacLeod gets a 7 because he "tried hard"?!?! ffs mate, he was terrible last night! I feel for him playing out of position but can't use that as an excuse for sending numerous passes to the opposition.
  19. He says he has Rangers interests at heart.....walk then. Great player, terrible manager.
  20. We've got bigger fish to fry ahead of Law....ie McCulloch, Black, Foster, Moshni, Shiels etc
  21. For the ones that want McCoist out, the appointment of Nerlinger could be their answer.
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