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  1. Is tht ok to pick up the stickers this weekend mate ?

  2. happy birthday. no surrender

  3. BTW, I bad repped you by accident mate. Meant for someone else but I clicked you by mistake.

  4. Just phoned and got everything confirmed, have to go in and give them photos soon though.
  5. I'll need to give them a bell tomorrow, never received anything.
  6. What's the script regarding travel club ? Put it down on my ST renewal form but not heard anything since.
  7. I have just the thing for you then fella! http://tinyurl.com/2a47qs5
  8. OneTrueSaxon Polo shirt and jumper, can only find a picture of the polo shirt though.
  9. U a fan, with different words obviously?

  10. I dont use them much TBH, the gear isnae even that well presented on the dummys...But there is usually a few gems in amongst it. Nuts the magazine own them I'm sure, it just looks like they've got all the overstock from other shops and are trying to punt it quickly. I've used them once or twice! I remember getting a couple of Boss jeans from them in the sales.
  11. Mainline Menswear has always been a bit like that You can usually find one or two cracking bits for half the price you would pay elsewhere. Alot of the stuff is just filling up the gaps.
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