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  1. Done that for Barcelona! Ended up just one big room of bears though. http://www.hotels.nl/cgi-bin/searchav.pl?destination=eindhoven&arrival=10-03-2011&departure=11-03-2011&num_persons=0〈=en&show=list&type=city
  2. Ach, doesn't matter! My standards are pretty low anyway, I'm sure John will let me slap it up his backbox on the ferry home.
  3. Wonder if Eindhoven has any decent Roger Moores'
  4. Hotel Sandton sorted! Can't fucking wait now.
  5. Think we might stay in Eindhoven as it's only one night, not 100% though! Still undecided
  6. Train and ferry sorted, worked out about £110 for everything which is decent enough considering we left it pretty late! Heard some good stories about the ferry, looking forward to it. Any hotel recommendations ? Need to sort that today for the 4 of us!
  7. Don't jump on the " ultras " bandwagon simply because of the GB, it was inevitable something like this was going to come of it. There is an unbelievable cost behind starting a group, some don't realise. A group has already tried and failed in the Govan within the last year, don't make the same mistake as them; join one of the already established groups. Too many chiefs not enough Indians
  8. He is a very sound guy as well! One half of the chuckle brothers too....
  9. Various reasons, a few lads left actually! Don't really want to go into any depth on here, I'll speak with you in person.
  10. Whilst I still fully support this campaign I am no longer a part of the UB so can't tell anyone any future plans for it, I hope they make it work though.
  11. I hope that's code for hookers and booze
  12. I've got had a swally since tuesday, think I'm staying off it all weekend. Aye mate we will be there, looking forward to it! I take it you'll be there as well ?
  13. :lol: Aye mate got home wednesday afternoon, felt like a burst baw! You ? Some poor wean canny sleep at night now cause they've not got their monkey keyring, ya horrible bastirt
  14. Aye that was a cunt of a move! It attracted some amount of attention the first few hours I was there as well, guys walking by themselves and setting the timer on their phone for a photo
  15. I would have had a better swally/time if you didn't demand me and martini moved your flag everytime a car went by I agree with you; in the past the Spanish police have been alot worse, nothing really major to report about!
  16. It was a sticker from when the mancs played there. Love United Hate Glazer stickers, they were everywhere!
  17. It was great trip! Credit to you, hunter and everyone else who organised it.
  18. Send and email to; RangersSafeStanding@hotmail.co.uk with the subject heading as 'Email Subscription' This adds you to the list of those supporting the idea, we will also email you with any progress we make or ideas we have. Thanks for the support.
  19. I don't know Colin, I simply don't know! You must have slipped through the net
  20. It is most definitely not all we have planned, we have a big list of aims we hope to hit by the end of the season. The Facebook page was just started originally to spread word about and gauges the fans reaction. The feedback we have received so far has been brilliant so we can take it from here and push for this. Watch this space
  21. It will be face value should you sell it, there is no other way. I have suspicions over whether you are genuine or not though.
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