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  1. Union Bears statement;

    The time has come for all Rangers fan to unite, stand shoulder to shoulder and fight the enemies which threaten our great club. The SFA have not set out to punish Rangers, they have set out to destroy Rangers. We now find ourselves in this horrible situation and the only way we can accomplish anything effectively is if we rise together. Action has to be taken and The Union Bears will be a part of that! 

    A protest and march to Hampden has been arranged and the details are as followed;

    Saturday the 28th of April


    Queens Park in Glasgow ( Victoria Road entrance ) 

    Spread the word and let's get as many bears there as possible.

    No Surrender

    The Union Bears

  2. this is cool and eveything, but can someone explain to me why the groups didnt get on with each other? seems really odd to me. (genuine question by the way)

    Doesn't matter just now, a unified Rangers support is long overdue and is the only way we can possibly go forward.

  3. A small number of tickets have become available for the UB fundraising night this Saturday!

    The Thornlieboys will be providing most of the nights entertainment with the Partick Protestant Boys FB also playing. There will also be raffles and the usual fund raising ilk with some pretty decebt prizes!

    You will be told the exact location if you purchase a ticket, we don't want a surprise visit from the old bill; they have a habit of cancelling nights like these!

    PM for a ticket, they are £6 each!

  4. Will always get debates like this, I'm using the word debate loosely here...

    Its simple trial and error; we've tried songs and they've kicked off and we've tried songs and dropped them after a few outings, it's the only way to work! Not everyones cup of tea all the time but hey ho, that's life!

  5. Not sure if I met you, definitely met Dez and someone who introduced themselves as Fox. Was in the hostel with them and went down to the Tankstelle with them on Tuesday afternoon.

    Aye was with both of them, stayed in a different hotel though! I'm a big cunt, slightly smaller than fox :D

  6. Ultra groups don't normally work with the club.

    So doubt thats an option

    A lot of ultra groups essentially run their clubs, so it far from set in stone that " ultras don't work with the club "....

    It's all relative and depends on how the club treat you etc, there is no rulebook.

  7. Not sure where to start here.... :D

    For starters......Regardless of the team, coming back to win after going down early; especially when playing shite and in Europe, will always generate a good atmosphere.

    A more passionate UB..... what was your thinking behind saying that ? What's gave you the impression that we're not passionate ?

  8. We believe that you may be able to help us, or even know someone who could!

    The group currently require help regarding a painting venue. We are always on the look out for a premises that would allow us to trace and paint banners whenever suitable.

    Any help regarding this matter will be greatly appreciated.

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