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  1. Is it like a pepsi can when you've got a rager ? More like a shot glass.
  2. Aye it was a good night thanks, I was a mess though. Haha raging hangover? Papaguy size 13 is sick.. how tall are you? Muff good business 6'2, not that big. My hands and feet are fucking huge though You must have a giant walloper.
  3. Your plates of meat are a 13?? I used to be an 11 but I am only a 10 now! Had my first pair of size 13s when I was 13 Fucking hell
  4. Really shit trainers. Truly awful mate! I'm in the market for a new pair of gutties. The orange gazelles are taking my fancy at the moment.
  5. This has the potential to be the worse ever trainer debate. Bkay with the most ridiculous looking trainers known to man; the Nike High Tops and mrmytto with the Adidas " Paisley " speicals.
  6. I put 6 balls straight into a pond in a row. Beat that! :lol: That takes some doing, don't think I can top that. I'll need to invest in some new clubs soon, I've not played a round in years!
  7. I'm always interested in getting swallied I would have to leave the golf part out though, I would only embarrass myself.
  8. I honestly can't remember the last time I bought a cd, or even paid for music.
  9. We had this discussion a few pages back. Superdry jackets =
  10. I wear shitey boots all day in work, I can't be fucked with them outside of work
  11. I really need to get my finger out and learn how to drive! I think it would just be another expense that I would struggle to pay.
  12. It was sounding pretty good until you said sweetcorn. sometimes i have it without sweetcorn does that make it better Anything without sweetcorn is a bonus! I just don't like it.
  13. Its a cracking phone mate, got mine in mid December. Takes a while to get used to for a total phone spaz like me tho! Always good to hear It was either that or the new Blackberry Bold 9700!
  14. It was sounding pretty good until you said sweetcorn.
  15. Getting delivered on Thursday mate! Ordered it over the phone earlier on. Read a few reviews about it, seems like it will be good enough
  16. I'm just waiting for; ** Everyone at the game will see him with his big heid ** You know I'm jesting mate. And you know I love the attention
  17. I'm just waiting for; ** Everyone at the game will see him with his big heid **
  18. I'm 17 and I have a SuperDry jacket. You can hang about with Iain then. If your nice to me I might even get you your booze
  19. Aye your 19 but your not reallllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllly 19 though. He meant he's heads 19inches! I fucking wish!! I'm up the largest possible strap on my helmet in work
  20. Please don't tell me your fifteen, or Gareth and Ton Heid will rip me I'm 19. That's good enough for me. HAWL PAPA YA FAT SKINNY BASTARD YOUR GETTING IT LAVVY HEID. I'm 19
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