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  1. Got one through this morning and gave it to my old man! Everyone will be cutting about in these now
  2. bwahahahahah ! Still available for £40 if you've got feet like a p7 girl and are a size 6! Never once had my size when they were £30 though, cunts.
  3. It was me that went up and ripped it off the wee cunt. Superb! I only heard someone took it off him, didn't know it was you ya lanky prick
  4. Guilty by association, as per. Greatest fans in the world and all that.....
  5. Some wee T*rrier had on the other side of the pitch had a tri-colour! Never had it for long though, walked round, took it off him and burned it
  6. There was about 15-20 UB members went up, myself included! And two TBO members. I sadly missed the game, we have photos though! I'll post them soon.
  7. You can lock this thread now, everything is sorted.
  8. Regardless of whether your fishing or not. I hope you get banned.
  9. He always wanted to and was going to leave. I would rather the £2million now with a raise to £5million in the future, than the £650,000 compensation we would have got after he knocked back a contract at the end of next season.
  10. We are all on the Glassy bus mate, if you gave us your name you will be on this bus too.
  11. Would the real slim shady please stand up.
  12. We'll be on the Glassy bus aswel now Cheaper for everyone if we all share a bus. We'll get the exact numbers with you by Monday mate.
  13. I shouldn't be a mod, just making that clear just now.
  14. Never spoke to DBBTB, FlippinEck or Kev. I prefer the more down the earth, run of the mill members!! Gary was one until someone thought it would be a good idea to turn him into a power hungry control freak and make him a Director
  15. That's what I'm thinking. The £35k and free Audi after two years is also what I'm after. I think you know the answer then Iain
  16. I would go for Lidl mate! I've been told off a few people who work in AC that the job can be ridiculously stressful, I can see the lure of the potential 40k making things difficult but that shouldn't change anything. You've worked in supermarkets for a long time and would probably slot into that role no bother! A managers job is a good gig, long hours and that but it will alot look better on your C.V. and offers more opportunity to progress.
  17. Don't think it's been mentioned yet but this bus will leave from Annie Millers in Glasgow.
  18. That was brilliant! We walked beside POG as a mate of mine is with them, got to the Bellrock on Paisley Road West and there was a group of lads bouncing about on the roof setting off fireworks. Got a cracking video on my phone.
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