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  1. Aye mate there are a few of us heading up for this! Should be a good trip, Bellslea Park is part terracing too.
  2. PM me or either Unionbears07 if you want your name down
  3. Because that "fellow" bear is an arrogant smug prick. The abuse isn't only aimed at one person. The entire site is corrupt. Don't agree with principles, you are barred. It's still the biggest Rangers site by far. Are you saying all its' users are corrupt? The biggest doesn't necessary mean the best Take away the thousands of taigs on it, then take away fans of other teams and see how many you have left. You don't happen to be a lapdog to a certain person do you ? You're certainly acting like one
  4. No quite the opposite actually, they had 23 at their last AGM! Not a single person outside their membership takes them seriously any more, and rightly so.
  5. Holly fuck!!! I assume that Charity now no longer exists, after such a ridiculous error.
  6. There's a complete bawhum in my work who always says something about William Wallace and Scottish Independence at 13:14 on the clock, think he's watched Braveheart one too many times. Absolute cunt.
  7. Fucking hell, why even mention the barras ? It's right in the middle of a tarrier hell-hole. Hope you get everything shifted mate
  8. That's the Glaswegian bus information mate. There is alot of us flying over on the Monday and back the Wednesday, flights were £45 return.
  9. Didn't touch a drop of booze over there Gaz To this day, I still have some of those barmaids from that pub stored in the old wank bank. They were fucking amazing :drool:
  10. first euro game is 14/15th sept That's roughly what I thought! I knew I would miss one of them, it's the only long break my old man gets back from the rigs too! 14/15th might be a home game if your lucky Here's hoping mate! Last year it was away to Stuttgart on the 14th/15th, just need to wait and see.
  11. first euro game is 14/15th sept That's roughly what I thought! I knew I would miss one of them, it's the only long break my old man gets back from the rigs too!
  12. Been down to Blackpool for a long weekend already and got 3 days in Belfast booked for the Glens and Rangers game. Going to Florida for two weeks in September and will get the Rangers Euro away trips
  13. One of my mates Birthday mid-week so heading over to his for a BBQ and a swally! Tesco are doing 3 crates for £15 Perfect! I'm skint too, just booked up for Glentroran and Rangers game in August.
  14. Few of us heading over the Glentoran game, out the Monday and back on the Wednesday! Should be a good trip
  15. After everything I've got 8 holidays left in work, would love to make over for the Glens game but I need to keep them for Europe!
  16. Not really an agenda, more of a sheer hatred for anything remotely Rangers or Protestant. Likes a right good snoop on all the Rangers sites, an absolute scum bag of a man.
  17. He co-wrote the show Don't let the facts get in the way of a good moan though!
  18. " Nobody loves the club more than I do " :lol: :lol: :lol:
  19. A few strange replies in this thread that I can't quite understand! He comes across as a thoroughly decent bloke. He does alot of brilliant work for charity, as well as visiting and openly showing support for our troops. I'm sure they would have all loved that, a nice wee morale boost.
  20. And all of them are pish. I'm easy to please! You could cut my hair and I would be happy with it.
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