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  1. First time it's being tried out tonight, seemed to catch on well!
  2. In Barcelona In 1972' Colin Stein scored one Willie Johnston two OhhhOhhhh Ohhh.... ........ To the tune of Rivers of Babylon
  3. In Barcelona In 1972' Colin Stein scored one Willie Johnston two OhhhOhhhh Ohhh.... ........ To the tune of Rivers of Babylon
  4. Definitely will by the sounds of things! First time trying it out tonight and it's sounding good, been overdue a song for Barcelona 72 that can get sung at Ibrox for a while
  5. Nice to hear the new Barcelona 72 song getting an airing, sounding good!
  6. There was always going to be a couple of days tolerance allowed for people to hand them in, IMO! Ticket office are never that strict with deadlines. Didn't want to say it until after as people may have taken it as fact.
  7. Regardless, that wasn't the main point! The section wasn't created with the main aim that everyone got a corner taig ticket! However, that is the case and it's just a benefit of being in the section. If this affects the decision of joining then it is obviously a key selling point of the section to you, which shouldn't be the case. That is the mentality I have a problem with and the majority of both groups members will share my views, this section isn't for passengers that just want a corner ticket when Celtc come to Ibrox.
  8. You're undermining your own point here, surely ? You don't currently get an atmosphere in GF1, yet you're willing to sacrifice that if you didn't get your desired seat for old firms ? There's curiosity and there's laziness
  9. I hope this isn't going to be the general mentality of those in the section. It's been cleared up a few times, in this thread alone! You will get allocated a ticket in the corner for Old Firms.
  10. No, the groups won't be joining as one. Although we share common goals and is easily workable in a section, the two groups are very different in other aspects which makes the formation of one group unrealistic.
  11. I'm not sure how TBO are going to operate next season, in previous years you had to meet someone in the section and they would then put you on their private board. UB are different and have a relatively strict membership policy.
  12. Seats in the section are very limited from what I've heard! Looking forward to it all ready
  13. Copland*** ; As the old saying goes, you can only piss with the cock you've got! When 95% of Ibrox are content with sitting in silence, what more can you do ? Granted we've not been on best of form at Ibrox this season, but when possible we've had very successful group ups at youth and away matches; involving a good few hundred people ( probably all jumping about like fannies and mongos eh ? ) We hope to carry that on for next season.
  14. Yes mate! Once that is handed into Rangers, that is your moved confirmed.
  15. Emails are still being sent out! Everyone who has contacted thus far will get a seat in the section. Please be patient, you will get an email.
  16. Looking forward to next season, has potential to be brilliant! Row A loyal
  17. It's out with our control at the moment mate, it will be up as soon as possible though.
  18. The stuff coming out of Ibrox right now is very, very good! Get your name down folks
  19. He doesn't agree with the move to the Broomloan, which I can't understand in the slightest as I've never known of him until now..... Something to moan about over the internet to pass the time I think. Oh and yes... " Onion Bears " is a taig reference, well done sir.
  20. What a fucking hollow existence you lead, I would get annoyed but you're genuinely not worth it. Keep them coming, they give me a laugh!
  21. Agreed! Sitting at away games is absolutely terrible, although sadly the norm these days.
  22. Brilliant day and night! Met a squad of the boys about 1pm and had a good wee swally in the sun, some day for it. At times the atmosphere was great and with really good numbers, full participation etc! Flash-bangs were also very good A good day, minus the result and the rancid wee boot from church on the hill; I wonder if she had the same opinions during the cup final when you couldn't move for bears ?
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