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  1. I am also a jacket snob. I never had a superdry big man. If you did then you are scrubbed off the jacket snobbery list. Nah I've never had one either! I think I was the only person I knew who could afford it but never bought one. Then they opened the Superdry shop in Braehead and Renfrew turned into a live version of a Superdry catalougue.
  2. :lol: It's been a while since I've heard someone say that!
  3. I like 'em, no shame in admitting that It's lasted me very well. I did buy it before every cunt bought one though. Fair play! I'm a bit of a jacket snob anyway. Every man and he's dug had a Superdry jacket at one point.
  4. Superdry jackets Iain I thought better of a man of your calibre.
  5. A pair of blue/white samba's and a pair of blue/white gazelle. Is that just being a greedy cunt ? I've got the gazelle's in another colour aswell Think I'm gonna get these just now.
  6. Yea your right mate, that's why every cunt has them. I haven't seen many of they Fjallraven's that I like. Wouldn't mind this one though. Can you only get them online? There is a place in Edinburgh that sells them. I've got the one in that picture but its the winter version so it's lined, I got it from a place in Inverness; http://www.grahamsonline.co.uk/index.php Never seen them in any of the shops up in Glasgow.
  7. I bought my 'quilt' Barbour Lightweight Liddledale from that website about 6 months ago then about 2 months later every cunt had it. The one with the belt doesn't suit me at all. I looked at that aswell! They are fairly cheap but they look smart as fuck so they were always going to get popular IMO. I'm looking for another Fjall Raven atm, the one I've got just now has been brilliant.
  8. Yes you are hardly petite big man! What prices are the nicest looking jackets? I am on the look out for a new Barbour. The new Barbour collaboration jackets on Aspecto start at £279.99 It's already been posted but I like this one , £329.99
  9. Walking through that muddy car park in Romania ruined them! You can get a huge bottle of that protective spray from the pound shop in Paisley I went into the £1 shop at my bit and they didn't sell it. Someone on VB posted it a few weeks ago, It's not the same stuff you get in other shops but its worked ok for me so far.
  10. Walking through that muddy car park in Romania ruined them! You can get a huge bottle of that protective spray from the pound shop
  11. The bastards rarely do small sizes though. Anyone that has met me knows that's not a problem for me
  12. whereu get them for £30 if you dont mind me askin Bank in Braehead had them last week for £30 mate.
  13. Bought another pair of Blue/White Samba's! The pair I bought got ruined in Bucharest and I seen them the other day down to £30 Need to buy some protective spray for them.
  14. You look like Derren Browns slightly gayer twin in this. not the first time i've heard this, minus the compulsory gay comment Get your picture up too, people sit commenting but are too afraid to slap their mugs on here I don't have any recent photo's I would be breaking the rules if I posted an old photo
  15. My mate Alstone would be perfect for you. He also craves Red Bull 24/7 .
  16. HUTCHY! AMAZING! Welcome back mate! Seems you didn't have a problem with him coming back :unionflag:
  17. 50 Cent's a snitch. Anyone ever get Game's mixtapes??? Stop snitching stop lying DVD and mixtape is a must get. I've got a good few of Games mixtapes , All brilliant remixs/disses. Got the DVD aswell , Its great the way he just walks through his city and plays basketball so casually.
  18. I quite like The Games new album Seen him three times at the Carling Accademy , Brilliant Live. Saw him there after the realese of Dr Advacate. Shit hot. He has realesed 3 top class albums and some of his mixtapes have been amense. Lot of good unknown west coast talent out just now. West coast gangsta rap by far the best. Same here Cant' remember which one , The sound system was fucked and ended up standing about for 45mins or something, Was worth it though when they got it working. That's the one, waited about an hour for him to come, ended up doing one song because the sound sys
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